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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by xloud, Dec 8, 2016.
  1. maxh22
    It actually needs a 4 pole to 1 pole (TRRS to TS connection), otherwise, the signal won't be passed.
  2. petetheroadie
    Sorry, yes, meant 4 pole to 1 pole (that's the one I currently have on my X5ii and Mojo.)

    Thanks again!
  3. x RELIC x Contributor
    I have a couple of cables that are TRRS to TRS that work fine, including that one from Penon Audio.
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  4. blackdalhia
    I still see the following bugs in the new firmware:
    - gapless is still not effective for me. This is really ennoying and is a function advertised by Fiio, so shall work flawlessly
    - resume does not work... after a while it gets stuck to one file. Each time I resume it goes to one specific file, don t know why. Not very important though
    - order in the folder is not alphabetical. In fact only the first letter of album is sorted, after the X5 will sort by last added folder. For instance I just added Annihilator folder, it is now at the end of the A list... so after Avantasia for instance which does not make sense. Same ... not a killing one but still
    - nothing more has been done on the DLNA side from the release of the first firmware...

    Fortunately the sound is very good, which is the primary reason why I bought it, but still would be good to fix those bugs for good, especially as it must impact all Fiio products ...
  5. KopaneDePooj
    Feature request for FiiO Music Player:
    Multiple Play-Queues - ability to save current play queue (playlist and play position) and start another play queue. That way it is possible to listen to multiple albums / genres / playlists / audio books, then pause, listen to something else and pick-up where you left.
    This feature is available in Rockbox firmwares through bookmarking and also this player.
  6. FiiO
    For the first issue, seems your X5III didn't enter the sleep mode correctly. Did you turn off Wifi/Bluetooth or maybe some APPs in the background?

    Did the second issue happen in the previous firmware as well? If you don't mind, please send a simple of the Neko Case 7-album box collection at 96/24 as well. We would report to our engineer and solve the issue in later firmware.

    Sorry for bringing inconvenience to you.
    Best regards
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  7. LightBlue77
    i just bought this player with latest 1.1.8 firmware version. Seems to be great overall but it has many software issues, some of them really annoying.

    First, in pure music mode, no viper effects work, eq, various other sound settings, balance. Gain works though.
    Then, in android mode, Fiio Music app is weird, it hangs from time to time and when another music app is running but paused, i don't hear any sound in fiio music even if it shows me it plays the song.
    EQ does not work in Google Music app, it works in poweramp or other music apps. Also EQ does not work in Fiio Music app, luckily viper effects work on android mode and they include eq.
    wifi loses signal if far enough the rooter where smartphone has no problem.

    Generally, android mode is slow. i deactivated some apps i don't use and other various features, like animations, i've seen some improvements but not enough.
  8. FiiO
    Thanks for the kind feedback.
    What's the issue with the gapless function? You can still hear the gap between the songs?
    Does the resume fails to work in TF card2?
    By sorting the folder via the sorting function from the 3pots in the bottom right corner, the order fails to work correctly still?
    We will try to improve the DLNA function in later firmware.
    Sorry for bringing inconvenience to you
    Best regards
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  9. FiiO
    We would report to our engineers about that and consider whether adding in later firmware.
    Best regards
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  10. blackdalhia
    - I still hear gaps between songs
    - when I switch off the X5, when I switch it on again it always go back to the same song (located on sd card 1)
    - sorting using the 3pots solved the issue, thanks !!!
  11. Snowball0906
    Hello. Thank you for your reply. I wonder if u suggest to go for pairing with Chord mojo or upgrade to x7 mk2? Im currently looking for an upgrade. Dilemma :frowning2:
  12. Moosbrugger
    I'm using Foobar, and when a new track starts, the X5iii drops the volume and then slowly fades it back up. I though this was a "Replay Gain" issue, but I've disabled that and it's still happening. I don't see any other options that might be relevant. Any ideas how to stop this?
  13. MinnieOne
    Under the DSP option, turn off Crossfader.
  14. Moosbrugger
    That's it. Thank you.
  15. sjb57
    Is it correct for VU meter not to function when playing via Bluetooth (aptx)? Also, screen response is terrible in aptX.
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