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Fiio X5 3rd gen || 2x AKM 4490 || Balanced Out || DSD || DXD | DTS | Android || Dual Card Slot

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by xloud, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. Moosbrugger
  2. WitzyZed
  3. MinnieOne
    The current version of Poweramp & the aforementioned Kernel mod will make you very happy and do all you want. Setting up sorts was a big issue for me with FIIO music and now I don't have to use it at all. With the Kernel mod you can even easily remove it from your device and have the device boot up with the music app of your choice.
  4. Moosbrugger
    Thanks. What do you mean by "setting up sorts"?

    I updated the firmware, and now the device is worse than before. Almost unusable. I've added Poweramp, and kind of like it. But I need to fix the performance issue. I'll try the kernal mod. Is that something I can figure out myself?

    Do other people with lost of files on their cards (about 700 gb between the 2 sd) have issues with slowdowns, freezes, stutters, etc?
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2019
  5. davidcotton
    Have you tried a hard reset after installing the new firmware?
  6. MinnieOne
    The Kernel mod gets rid of all sorts of junk and speeds the player up drastically. I couldn't really do anything online before using the mod as FIIO software had become bloated and inefficient. Now online is no problem for me. Isn't nearly as fast as my phone but it is older modem technology so that is to be expected.

    By sorts I mean that you can add library categories to show more categories, Artists, Album Artists, Albums by Artist, Composers, etc. More than 15 categories as I recall.
  7. Moosbrugger
    I haven't. Wont I have to reinstall all my music and apps?
  8. Demo3
    No... like take out the sd cards before you wipe it.
  9. davidcotton
    I'm just talking about shutting it down fully and turning it back on, NOT a factory reset (which would wipe everything!).
  10. Moosbrugger
    Yes, I've done that a few times. It takes longer to start up. And the first few times I swipe-up to get the dots for unlocking the unit, it flashes and goes back to the lock page. starting the music player (whether FIIO, Foobar or Poweramp) takes longer and there's a lot of delay in responding to taps. There's also quite a bit of stutter while playing songs.

    I'll try this kernel thing tonight.

    Thanks again for the advice.
  11. WitzyZed
    Note, at no point in installing firmware with windows upgrade tool or installing kernel, have I needed to remove my SD cards. It’s never touched or erased any music from them. Even when doing factory data reset with internal storage wipe. That only wipes internal partition, not your cards. It’s a precaution to make you feel better. If you run into problems and need to go back to base firmware and upgrade from there, then yes you will need to reinstall your apps and re-scan music library. (Only exception to that is Neutron, which if its folder on internal SD is backed up, can be re-placed after a fresh install and it will be like you never left)
    A guide is in the signature below. I recommend following that because I’m assuming you’ve never done this before.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2019
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  12. Moosbrugger
    Ok -- Can someone tell me how to install the Kernel? I downloaded the zip (using a Mac) and moved it onto the Fiio internal storage. I unziped and opened the Install text. that doesn't make any sense to me.
  13. WitzyZed
    I wrote instructions for Mac, too. See here: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/fii...ers-and-much-more.906004/page-4#post-14978277

    Once you get TWRP installed instructions are identical to the windows guide.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2019
  14. jkbuha
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  15. Ziggomatic
    Sorry if I missed an answer to this in my search, but I just picked up a new X5III for a good price on eBay and I'm having a problem. I immediately updated to whatever firmware the WiFi picked up (probably not very smart), and now I'm trying to run it through the Q5 using the ML06 OTG cable, but it sounds like crap. The audio cuts out (clicks and pops) several times per minute, and it gets especially bad when I'm trying to search for music to play. Unusable, basically. Has anyone run into this and found a solution. I'd like to use the microUSB input on the Q5 because it ergonomically works better with the X5, but I can't tolerate it at the moment. Any help is appreciated!

    Edit: Nevermind! USBAPP seems to be doing the trick just fine.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2019
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