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FiiO X5 2nd gen Impressions and Discussion thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by x relic x, May 9, 2015.
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  1. bzippy
    Thank you.
  2. bzippy
    Does anyone have a factory clear plastic case they don't need?
  3. sbradley02
    I have an X5 ii and wanted to try shuttle play, it doesn't seem especially useful (and I don't want to create a playlist).
    Do any of the newer Fiio's have a true random shuffle play, or do I have to look elsewhere?
  4. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Probably any Android-based one will do. For non-Android devices, look for one with a clock function. The time generally serves as a useful input into a pseudorandom function generator.
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  5. trivium911
    Think im going to list my x5ii or my x3ii as i dont need both anymore, i picked up an ibasso unit. Ill likely list the x5ii since i just changed the battery and it will likely be worth more...is anyone interested?
  6. kaosnews
    Keep in mind that switching from X5 II to an Android device (like the X5 III) is a bit (well maybe huge) of an downgrade in ease of use. I have the X5 III and probably it should sounds better (I really can't tell) but my daily device is still the X5 II because it just works, battery life is excellent and simply to play an album is easy (Android devices makes it a bit complicated I think).

    True, one of the most difficult thing to do for a computer (well... to program this) is to generate a random number.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2019
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  7. trivium911
    I've heard the X5iii sounds worse which is why I didn't get it.
  8. Koukol
    If the X5iii is a android device does this mean it can download the app from Sonarworks?
  9. bzippy
    Thanks. And how does this question of mine relate to the 75 ohm digital coax cable thing? I just stumbled across this issue and have no idea what it's about. I am searching online about it now.

    This would affect not just my extension cable issue, but also the way I plug my X5ii into my main home system, which is how I listen to music most of the time. I use the FiiO digital coax adapter that came with the unit, to a 4ft long Amazon Basics male-to-male coax cable, to my Marantz AVR digital coax input. I have no idea what the ohm rating is on that Amazon cable. Is there anything I should be concerned about here?
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019
  10. fritobugger
    I feed my Denon AVR digial files from the X5ii the same way
  11. dissembled
    Is there custom firmware available that adds a recently added playlist or is this just a pipe dream for this player?
  12. bzippy
    After a couple months of flawless operation, something is suddenly very wrong with my battery: It will no longer fully charge, and also cannot charge while playing. I have experienced gradual battery life degradation in many devices, but never a sudden failure like this. Is it dead? And if so, is FiiO offering replacements these days?

    This was an open-box eBay listing that I took a chance on. It looked factory new / unused, and like I said it worked flawlessly for a couple months. I really like everything about this thing (I even like the wheel!) so I'm willing to do everything within reason that I can to restore it to full operation.
  13. JaZZ Contributor
    I hope you'll get a positive response from FiiO. It may be the battery, could also be the charging circuitry that's defective. I for one need an advice how to proceed for a scrollwheel becoming more and more erratic. I got no response from FiiO's homepage, so I hope to get some feedback from the representative occasionally posting here. ( Directed @FiiO )
  14. trivium911
    they wont ship to the US/Canada for some crap reason about dangerous goods, they responded once than ignored me the rest of the time. I sold mine already but when i had it i just bought a battery on alliexpress from china...go figure no dangerous goods issues there.


    I than cut the harness off the old battery and soldered it into the new battery, very simple. You need a iphone 6 screwdriver i believe to take the unit apart, be careful not to strip the screws.

    Honestly Fiio customer service is terrible thats why i switched to Ibasso, they also dont listen to their fan base like they use to. If you do get a replacement battery or the service completed by sending in the unit i would be very surprised.
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  15. kaosnews
    I can confirm that the Aliexpress battery works fine (very well exactly!)
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