FiiO X3MKIII,Dual TI PCM5242,Dual-mode Bluetooth 4.1,Dual headphone outputs, Balanced Out, 192kHz/32bit

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by FiiO, Jul 15, 2017.
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  1. waynes world
  2. jkauff
    Thanks for your huge, totally irrelevant post. I won't regret not seeing more of them in the future.
  3. RoMee Contributor
    Anyone know if the EQ is disabled when using Bluetooth headphones?
  4. FiiO
    The EQ is controled by the DAC chip PCM5242 while Bluetooth function won't go through it. So the EQ is disabled when using Bluetooth headphone.
    Best regards
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  5. Olimatou
    Because you didn't read my previous posts testing and reporting about the FiiO X3 III, you think I am here to inform you how to read a thread ? Get back in past messages and don't annoy me with your irrelevant and unpleasant post ...
  6. Codefox
    After having the original X1 for 3 years and being very happy with it, I decided it was time to upgrade recently. The wheel on the X1 just wasn't working well anymore, making scrolling through my music difficult and I didn't feel that it was up to the task of driving my MEE P1s as well as they needed. I feel like I should have done a little research on the X3 mkiii though before I jumped in and I'm wavering whether to send this back to Amazon (not that I'm thrilled with any of the other options out there)

    Right now, the player simply can't do a scan of the media library but I'm going to attribute that in part to the SD card I have in there. It's a class 10 but an offbrand that gets some pretty poor reviews so I have a Sandisk en route to see if that fixes that issue. The player is definitely a little sluggish through the menus which is surprising given it hasn't changed much in the UI since I started using these players. I read the @Brooko did over the weekend and I'm unsure what my next step would be. The X1 was actually updated for years after I bought it and Fiio did do a great job with fixing issues. I see that some major issues were already solved here as well. If a new SD card makes the device a bit more functional, I think it will be good enough to hold on to.

    But I am curious @JamesFiiO if there is a roadmap you can share with us on planned fixes for the device. Just making the player work more smoothly seems it should be something not too difficult.
  7. Brooko Contributor
    Scanning and the GUI are still slow. Other than that though - I do enjoy the X3iii. If you want something a little quicker, take a look at the Cayin N3
  8. Codefox
    It's actually good to know that you still enjoy using it. For me, the scanning doesn't work at all. It stops completely after 100 - 200 files. I let it go for over an hour just to confirm it wasn't my impatience. That was when I read some reviews that seem to indicate my SD card is probably not helping matters. Scanning the library is such an infrequent task that I don't really care that much about it. Unfortunately, I have run into the player freezing on music every so often as well. Is that something you still experience or is that still possibly related to the SD card?

    As for the Cayin, I am pretty sure those capacitive buttons would drive me insane
  9. Brooko Contributor
    No - never had the X3iii freeze on me, and no library issues from day one (just very very slow). My music is tagged meticulously though, all aac256, and album art in each folder rather than imbedded in the file.
  10. Codefox
    Yeah I have a combination of mp3 and FLAC. Some of the files are very old but I doubt they are any issue and my tagging is fairly robust. I suspect the new card will solve my issue and I don't think the UI is sluggish enough to really bother me but I'll see.
  11. Codefox
    Well, so far it seems that a new SD card really has resolved the issues I was seeing. The library scan completed with no problem and so far the player hasn't locked up while playing any music. Now that I have something that seems to work as intended, I can see what people mean by the UI being laggy but I really feel like that it is pretty overstated on how severe it is. I don't know if I'd have really noticed without reading the reviews. Coming from the original X1, I do think this is quite an upgrade over what I had both from a hardware perspective and the sound quality. I think this does a better job driving my MEE P1s than my X1 did.
  12. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    Thanks for your kind feedback. We would also report to our engineer and go on improving the X3MKIII.

    Best regards
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  13. rdr123
    Hey everyone, random question popping up here, I've had the Fiio M3 for a couple of years but it's getting laggy so I'm thinking about replacing it with the X3iii when it goes completely kaput, what I want to know is more about this balanced feature it has, is it supposed to make rock music sound better for example? I'm not that into audio lingo so excuse my ignorance. Also, what are some good iems for rock music? Been considering Fiio's F9, good pick for my taste in music?
  14. Raketen
    Balanced/BAL basically means that stereo left and right channels are electrically segregated, compared to normal 'single ended'/SE output in which left and right share a common ("ground") - a balanced headphone plug will have four poles instead of 3. It is a design approach rather than something with any intrinsically audible properties, which will vary as with any other audio sources & not necessarily better than similarly good single-end designs, though often devices with both SE and BAL will be designed to favor one (there are practical advantages for professional & stage audio which is its most common application).

    Brooko made some comments on x3iii's balanced mode in his review:
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  15. rdr123
    Well that's a shame, I thought it's something that makes it stand out. Oh well, I guess it's still an improvement in sound quality from what I had.
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