Fiio X3 2nd Gen Headphones Drive
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New Head-Fier
Dec 23, 2011
Hi everyone,
Im thinking about buying some headphones for my Fiio X3 2gen. To be honest I am a newby and only own a pair of lofi headphones. Want to upgrade!

I would like to know how much can it drive? Im thinking about headphones like HE-400, HD600, AKG 7xx, ATH msr7, Beyer Dt880. If I could strech my budget I would go for Oppo pm3, but it would be very hard to do so.

Has anyone had experience with these phones and the Fiio x3 2gen DAP?

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I have no particular recommendation, just to consider a low-impedance headphone – which the X3 II drives better (or sounds better with, resp.) in my experience. E.g. it sounds great with the HE1000 (which of course sounds even better in my home setup).
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  I'd forget the akg7xx without an amp, IMO.

Just tried it. It sounds surprisingly good and definitely plays loud enough. Sonically a better match than the HD 800.

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