Fiio x1 - alternative brightest and more soundstage?

  1. Dany91
    Hello I know the Fiio X1, but I noticed that for my tastes it has a warm sound, and with less treble-crystal and soundstage than the sound card integrated into my sleekbook Hp b035el.
    Is there a portable player like Fiio X1 with more open and clear sound, which is up to 170 €?
    The Fiio X3 2g is brighter? (this has the max price "ok" ...)
  2. Fake Amethyst
    You might want to try the walnut v3
  3. Dany91
    thanx, but is only in alibaba.. i need in, or ebay europe
  4. Me x3
    I've compared them side by side.
    To my ears, the FiiO X3 2nd Gen is slightly clearer/brighter and has a slightly bigger more 3D soundstage relative to the FiiO X1. It's also more powerful, has two DAC filter modes, decodes DSD and can work as USB DAC with your computer.

    Keep in mind these are all neutralish devices, designed to be true to the source.
    If your soundcard is innerhently coloured, then no DAP with a flat EQ will sound like it.
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  5. Dany91
    ok, thx for the answer
    ok, thx for the answer

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