FiiO warranty service through re-sellers stinks - dead E9 dock port
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Aug 10, 2010
Sorry I'm venting a bit because I'm frustrated.  About 11 months ago I purchased an E9 amp through eMusic Enterprise (feiao says they're a re-seller).  The dock port on the first one I received was dead on arrival.  I figured it was just a fluke, so I returned it through Amazon and got another one. The second worked great up until two weeks ago.
The dock port on my current E9 is just broken.  It charges my E17 but the computer no longer detects the E17 as an audio device when it's plugged in through the dock.   Same situation if I plug in my E7, so I've ruled out the E17 as the problem.  USB directly to the E17 works, it's just trying to use it through the dock port on the E9 no longer does.
FiiO wants us to contact the resellers to handle warranty claims, so I got in touch with eMusic.  Here is the response:
Dear Customer,

I see your order XXXXXXX was placed on Feb 5th 1012. We can surely provide warranty service for you.
Please enclose $25(Money order payable to eMusic Enterprise) of S/H along with the broken item and send them to the following address. Please make sure to include all the accessories. Thank you.

I'm fine with paying $10-$15 to ship the amp back for repair, but I questioned why I needed to pay an additional $25 on top of that for them to ship it back to me.
Dear Customer,

The $25 is S/H fee in order to test/ship the replacement. We provide replacement service on behalf of Fiio who is located in China. Thank you for understanding.

So the re-seller is having me pay for them to "test" it and ship it back?  This is the first time I've encountered this when filing a warranty claim on a failed electronic device.  Over the years I've had SSDs and HDDs fail, video cards, a motherboard, even my Wii died twice.  Not once have I been asked to pay for them to ship the repaired or replaced product back to me, let alone to "test" it.  Sometimes the nice companies will even provide me a shipping label so I don't pay anything.
I went back and forth with this re-seller, eventually they reduced their "S/H fee" to $15, but that's just not good enough.  On a device I paid $90 for, spending another $30-$40 to get it fixed under warranty is ridiculous.
Is this a FiiO policy or is it limited to eMusic?  Either way it's left a bad taste in my mouth and I'll definitely think twice about any FiiO product that costs more than $30.  I like FiiO stuff, and electronic devices do fail from time to time, but if this is how it works to get something fixed within the warranty period then I'll be buying my next upgrades from someone else.

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