FiiO Triple Driver IEM F9 PRO Carrying Knowles 30017 is Available!

Discussion in 'FiiO' started by FiiO, Nov 14, 2017.
  1. FiiO

    According to the sales and market response, we can definitely say the F9 is a pretty successful model. But even with this success, we still listen carefully to the market feedback and suggestions, with the hope to bring some new surprises to our customers.

    Therefore, the fully upgraded version F9 PRO came as expected and showed its debut on FiiO Autumn Launch Event which has won general praise from the visitors. So what are the upgrades and improvements on the F9 PRO?

    1 Dynamic Driver & 2 Balanced Armatures, with BA drivers changed to knowles' TWFK-30017-000;
    Changed the color to Titanium with "PRO" mark on the Y-splitter and the earbuds
    Still utilizes detachable MMCX connector, added red and blue metal ring on the R/L side;
    Based on customers' feedback, changed the headphone plug to L shape;
    More abundant accessories, added 3 pairs of foam eartips, 3 pairs of silicon eartips designed for a particular sound signature and a water-resistant neoprene carrying pouch, etc.

    >>> For more detailed introduction of F9 PRO, kindly check at:
    >>> For the comparison table among F9 / F9 SE / F9 PRO, kindly check at:

    Owing to the limited quantity, we arrange the first available batch on FiiO Aliexpress store for those who can't wait to grasp one asap, you can kindly check at: >> Purchase Link
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  2. zolom
    Placed an order. Will report upon receiving and first trial.
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  3. 0x6170
    Yep, placed an order immediately!
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  4. Slim1970
    Just put my order in for these!
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  5. Darren Cotter
    Would love to have placed an order, like the people above, but AliExpress doesn't send to Jersey, Channel Islands despite it being a listed destination on their site. Sweet!
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  7. aceedburn
    Mine is on the way and ETA as per DHL is on Monday 20th.
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  8. hyewiz
    Any chance will sell these soon?
  9. FiiO
    Maybe early next month.
    Best regards
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  10. Ultrainferno

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