FiiO Releases the 3.5mm to 2.5mm Adaptor Cable L26

Discussion in 'FiiO' started by fiio, Nov 22, 2016.
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  1. FiiO
    As balanced output is getting more and more popular, many of the players on the market now already have the balanced output headphone jack. Apart from X7 with AM3, some of our players in the future will also come with balanced output. 
    So far we already have 4 Re-cables for Balanced Earphones like the RC-SE1B, RC-UE2B, RC-ATHB and RC-78B. However, if you want to use your balanced headphone on a device with 3.5mm Headphone Jack, that's when our L26 comes in handy. 
    Check out the introduction of L26 by below pictures or >> Click Here
    The delivery of L26 to our worldwide agents starts this week. If you are considering about getting an adaptor cable for your earphones, you can kindly check with local agents (>>Where to Buy) for its availability soon. Or you can buy it on Aliexpress Click here.
    FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd
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  2. Citizen Zombie
    A cable or adaptor I would really love to see would have a functionality like the MagSafe power connectors or BreakSafe from Griffin, but for the headphone jack. Technically this isn't too difficult, but Belkin did not release such kind of product. They expected to get sued for patent infringement if they turned the idea into reality. But if Griffin found a way to work around this and you were able to re-imagine the scroll wheel for the X1 II, perhaps this is a project you can master.
  3. Lord Rexter
    I recently bough L26 using it with X3 II, X5 II and
    RC-SE1B balanced cable works flawlessly.
    PS: Personally I think it would be great to see if L26 cable was shielded using a transparent shell of some kind, since the cable is thin and the connectors at both end are heavy.
  4. zellous
    After contacting Astell and Kern they said they don't sell or offer the spare part.
    So I bought a cheap unbalanced 2.5mm to 3.5mm adaptor, sound only came out of the right driver.
    So then I bought a gold-plated 4 pole 2.5mm to 3.5mm adaptor, the same thing happened. Sound only comes out from the right ear cup.
    Finally I bought a FiiO L26 3.5mm Male to 2.5mm TRRS Female Audio Adaptor Cable, AND IT WORKS!!!
    Joy of joys, bring on the lossless music : )
  5. mysony1
    All I can said this cables is really good!! Through the experience with all expensive cable brand with Crystal,moonaudio, Brimar..etc.

    This little cable really heat you by shock. Weldone Fiio!!
  6. DJ The Rocket
    This is useful, sure, I just ordered one in fact. But what would REALLY be great is an adapter from 2.5mm TRRS to 3.5mm TRRS, from the Fiio/A&K balanced pinout to the Hifiman/LH Labs balanced pinout; from 2.5mm (R-, R+, L+, L-, tip to sleeve) to 3.5mm (L+, R+, L-, R-).

    This L26 I'll use often, but what I just described, I'd use every day! Now that I'm thinking about it, I'll probably order the parts to make my own, but I'd still buy a Fiio one in a heartbeat, because they are much better than I am at making nice looking cables. Mine also tend to fail after a year or so of use =[
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2017
  7. gr8soundz

    You could also email seller HGC on Amazon and request to have them make an adapter with the desired pinouts (as I did a couple years ago with a female 3.5mm trrs to male 2.5mm trrs). Not as high quality as Norne but would cost less and might take a bit longer to get (adapter from either company will take at least a few weeks).
  8. DJ The Rocket
    I have to say I'm pretty disappointed with this L26 cable. It's sonically transparent, which is good, but the build quality just isn't up to what I've come to expect from Fiio--see the picture below. The no-name cable is twice as thick, as well as twice as sturdy.

    Now, my L26 hasn't broken yet, after a week of use, but it's so thin and flimsy-feeling I don't feel like it's likely to last long. It's NOTHING like Fiio's excellent L16 cable, which is so tough I fully expect it to keep working past the apocalypse. Humanity will forget how to make batteries before the L16 dies.

    The L26, I'm praying it lasts the next 6 months. :/

    Last edited: Oct 31, 2017
  9. DJ The Rocket
    This was really good advice, thanks! I did exactly as you said, but decided to get something else from the same guy--he has a really attractive selection of OCC cables with Hifiman connectors--but I'm keeping him in mind for future adapter purchases as well!
  10. gr8soundz
    I'm getting a balanced 2.5mm cable soon and planned to get the L26 as well. I already have the L8, L17 and a handful of Fiio's other 3.5mm cables / adapters (which they no longer make) and all have held up well over the years.

    However, depending on the materials, thinner doesn't always mean weaker. Fiio claims the L26 uses 4 wires (19 strands each) of silver-plated 6N OFC which is undoubtedly more complex and more expensive than the thicker but simpler, single-core wiring in the L16/17. You said the L26 sounds transparent so the materials seem legit. I do wish the terminations looked as strong as the L16/17 but hopefully the cable holds up over time.
  11. DJ The Rocket
    Good point--reminds me of when I first got an Audeze iSine. The ear clips feel cheap and flimsy as hell, but are apparently well engineered, and indeed, have held up admirably. Perhaps this cable will be similar, but it will take time for me to be convinced of that. Hearing other people's experience with the L26 would be nice too.

    True, but personally I prefer the L16 design because it's not something I ever have to think about. I don't have a way to really scrutinize the sonic transparency of the L16, but it's plenty good enough for the portable gear I use it with.

    The L26 worries me when I see it hanging off my amp, holding up the heavier cord attached to it. I don't like having to waste synapse activity on something so trivial. Maybe after 6 months it will have proved itself
  12. Thx1326
    Question on the 2.5 balanced vs 3.5.... I have seen adapters that have a 2.5mm male with a 3.5mm female which supposedly allow you to run your 3.5mm as balanced? Is this for real or snake oil? Don't the headphones themselves have to have balanced circuitry?
  13. Lurk650
    You can not turn a 3.5 SE end into a balanced end, it does nothing and can ruin the gear. However if its 3.5TRRS then its already balanced and can use a 2.5 TRRS adapter but very few players use 3.5 TRRS.
  14. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    Just like Lurk650 said, you can not turn the 3.5mm SE to 2.5mm balanced. The L26 can turn to 2.5mm balanced to 3.5mm unbalanced however.

    Best regards
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  15. AzraelAndrey
    Thanks for sharing this. I was searching everywhere for a solution! I own a 2.5mm balanced cable with the Fiio F9 PRO and had a 3.5mm adapter for that which didnt work as sound came from the right ear only and also without voice.Now let's see how this cable L26 will manage the situation.
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