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Fiio q5

  1. Crimac95
    Would you suggest upgrading from a fiio a5 to a q5 to reduce the hissing noise coming from the internal dac of a fiio m9?
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    It might help to narrow down what is causing the hissing?
    Can we assume the FiiO M9's line output is connected to the line-input on the Fiio A5?
    If the FiiO A5 itself is causing the hissing, then replacing it with just about any other amplifier should solve the hissing issue.
    Assuming the M9 has a "return to default" setting, try setting the M9 to default.
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  3. Crimac95
    I would assume the hissing is caused by the m9's integrated dac, isn't it? So pairing it with a q5 it would be using q5's dac, which I assume is better
  4. JediMa70
    I had for a bit the M9 and I didn't hear any hissing, (I used it with Fiio A5, Mejer jazz and Darkvoice) so I agree with PurpleAngel, you can just return and ask for a replacement. I'm italian too and if you got it by amazon.it it's not going to be a problem
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2019
  5. Crimac95
    I had the same problem with the x5 III, i can hear it mainly in the more quiet songs
  6. JediMa70
    I had X5 3 too.. We are doing the same steps, I tried m9 for a bit the i sent it back to get an ibasso dx120.. Few euros more but sound quality is tremendous! Back to your issue, which headphones do you use? Maybe the issue is there because A5 is quite silent without hissing problems
  7. Crimac95
    I use beyerdynamic dt1990 pro
  8. Crimac95
    Can you download Spotify on it? Cause I mainly use that to listen to music
  9. JediMa70
    That's the answer, Beyerdynamic are not forgiving about highs, you should just test your dap and amp with different ones

    No you can't because can't connect to anything online
  10. Crimac95
    Is there anything I can do that doesn't involve changing headphones?
  11. JediMa70
    I would just make a test with different headphones and then eventually I would test your beyer with a different amp. I wouldn't change those beyer ever! :)
  12. Crimac95
    Especially since I just got them. Before I had the hd6xx and I have to say, I don't remember hearing so much hiss with those
  13. JediMa70
  14. Crimac95
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  15. Me x3
    FiiO M9 won't hiss with DT1990 PRO.

    Keep in mind DT1990 will typically expose recording hiss much more than HD6XX.
    Headphones with very extended and slightly raised treble are much more prone to expose recording hiss.

    Make sure to test with recordings that you're a 100% certain they don't have hiss. And of course, skip live recordings for this test.
    Once you find a proper (hiss-free) recording to test try the following:

    1- FiiO M9 ---> DT1990 PRO
    2- FiiO M9 (line out mode) ---> FiiO A5 (Low Gain) ---> DT1990 PRO

    Let me know if you still hear any hiss in test 1 or 2.

    Me x3

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