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Fiio Q5

  1. Madajam
    First of all, thanks for accepting me into the forum

    So i was looking for a part portable DAC/AMP that i could also use with my pc and then i found out about Q5. I read a lot about it but still have some questions.

    1. Does Q5 works only as a DAC when plugged into pc or as a DAC/AMP?
    2. Is it enough to drive 80 Ohm headphones (3,5 mm) with decent loudness?

    Sorry if i asked some stupid questions but i'm quite new to the audiophile world-
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2018
  2. Me x3
    Hey, welcome!

    1- It can work as a DAC/Amp through the headphone out and also as a dedicated DAC through the line out.

    2 - It can drive 80 Ohm headphones with ease.
  3. Madajam
    You saved my day, Thank you!

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