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FiiO Q5, Flagship DAC/Amp, an Dual DAC, USB/Optical/Coaxial/Line in, share the same amp module with X7.

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamesfiio, Jun 21, 2015.
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  1. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Personally I have had great experiences with both companies and as you said Brooko, they swim in different ends of the pool for the most part.
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  2. MarkF786
    I too have the problem with the first second of music getting cut out on my Q5. I’m using Spotify with Bluetooth on my iPhone. I believe it only happens in the first track.

    The Chord Mojo has the same problem; apparently, so does all the other Chord DACs, which is one reason I decided not to buy a Qutest.
  3. Brooko Contributor
    I wonder if it’s simply waking up the connection - losing the first second of first track? Makes sense to try and preserve as much battery life as possible. I’ll recheck my end as I thought from the comments it was happening constantly.
  4. KaiFi
    No, I should clarify it does not happen constantly. It doesn't happen every time I start a track. I haven't done any real experiments, but it's possible that it only happens after I wait a while, like it is waking up the connection.
  5. MarkF786
    Yeah, I just confirmed it happens with the first track I play in either Spotify or iTunes (though oddly not in Tidal).

    If I remember correctly, on the Mojo it’s due to the DAC needing a second to lock onto the sample rate. Maybe it’s the same with the Q5.
  6. soundquality12
    Soooo are we not allowed to answer a post, with a clean and reasonable answer without getting attacked?
    I have a Asgard and a Q5 and have owned a bit of quality equipment! so I am answering from actual experience and ownership!
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2019
  7. Brooko Contributor
    You can do what you want - but if you troll a thread I'm going to call you on it. And that wasn't an attack. If it was my post would have been removed when the mods removed yours.

    This is exactly what you wrote:
    In what world is this reasonable. It doesn't quote any post, so it seems to be a general comment. It doesn't answer any of the previous posters direct questions or comments.

    And I'll ask again - as you seem to have ignored my request last time:

    How many portable Bluetooth amplifiers have Schiit made? And how many desktop amps and DACs has FiiO made? Two companies playing in different areas. They are 2 companies who have different target markets. Therefore your post was pointless. If you have further issues with my reply, rather than cluttering this thread, I'd suggest taking it to PM.

    FTR I've tried some Schiit gear, and if it was more readily available and the price was right, I'd consider it. I'd love to get my hands on a Loki eventually.

    But for a DAC/amp you can use both portably and as a desktop unit, Schiit has nothing I am aware of.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2019
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  8. KopaneDePooj
    It is the same with Fiio, it was discussed here. Sometimes it takes a second for the DAC to initialize, when changing sample rates or when starting playback. It is the same for me 1st track with Spotify, or whem switching between - for example - mp3 44.1 and hi-res files in UAPP. You can also hear a "pop" when starting DSD playback. This is not only with FiiO, but other products too.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2019
  9. Dabbaranks
    Unless they are the first to use the Fulla 2 running only through usb power as a full time portable strapped to a phone LOL.

    I just did a quick test to confirm that I still don't have any cuts between, iTunes, Spotify, and bandcamp when switching from the first track of one album to another, fairly quick switching too. Not really sure whats actually causing the cuts sorry I can't be of more help.
  10. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Not to pile on you here mate, but I do tend to agree with Brooko in the sense that your claim, while perfectly within your right to hold and certainly to express, wasn't reasonable. The claim you made was really rather large and you did not at all offer any supportive or substantive evidence to support the claim. That is essentially what triggered the response. I have owned three Schiit products (Gungnir, Valhalla, Asgard 2) and I have owned several FiiO pieces including the Q5 which I simply love. I can't for the life of me figure what it is about FiiO products that you disagree with so much, but again, that is your right. Taking up Brooko's line of inquiry I would ask what product that Schiit produces competes directly with the Q5 for instance? My Q5 is wonderful, and I can compare it to having owned lots of quality gear as well. I think both Schiit and FiiO produce amazing products, but primarily in different segments of the marketplace and I am glad that we have both companies enriching this hobby.
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  11. showme99
    This also happens when connected via Bluetooth. Very annoying.
  12. NovaFlyer
    I found a replacement Lightning to mini-USB cable with right angle connectors at Audio 46 ( https://audio46.com ) in New York City. Bought two of them today, they're US$20 each.
  13. Floris888
    So, im asking one more time , why when i play dsd files , red light doesn't turn on , on the Q5?! What im do wrong?
  14. Immortal
    What red light? if you play DSD you have the DSD sign on the side that lights up in green.

    Partially OT: Is there any DAC/Amp solution similar to Q5 but for desktop computers? It means, without bluetooth/battery/etc but with the same quality (and maybe the power of AM5 amp or more). K3 lacks of power compared to Q5
  15. Floris888
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