FiiO Q1MKII Apple MFi Certified DAC & Amp with Native DSD Support,XMOS USB DAC chip,DAC AK4452,20 hours

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by FiiO, Jul 15, 2017.
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  1. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

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    Did you tried this setup in balance?
  3. bencherian
    Did anybody tried Fiio Q1 mk2 with Ultrasone performance 820 headphones ?
  4. eywleung
    Just received my Q1 Mk2 to pair with my iphone. Running balanced with my Westone W30 IEM, it sound pretty good for the price. It isn't as good as my Onkyo DP-X1, but very close. I can definite hear that the soundstage produced from the DP-X1 is better.
  5. eywleung
    On the software side, I really like how it disable the iPhone internal volume control whenever it is plugged in. I had concern about having to mess with both the digital and analog control, but thank you Fiio for taking care of that.
  6. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    I did with the F9 PRO and the bass switch is a nice little push for the bass on that set.
  7. Virtu Fortuna
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  8. Rach13
    Nice, review!
    just got the Q1MK2, and I REEEEALY like it!
    upgraded from a E07K and I'm not sure if my ears can hear any difference but my brain totally thinks I can
    either way, little lights appearing when I'm bit-streaming DSD or the JRiver DSP button proudly glowing in the corner when I play everything, sure is gucci :wink:
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  9. demond
    A very good review. This can help a lot of people. Thank you.
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  10. Robert777
    Is there a consensus that this definitely drains the Cayin N3 battery or is it mostly cable dependent?

    Thank you
  11. demond
    It is necessary to use a suitable connection cable to prevent charging.
    And the end of the micro plus OTG (ID and Ground pins short circuit) must be done.
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  12. Dutch1Schaefer
    Can anyone confirm this as being a noticeable improvement over the iPhone 6s+ sound quality?

    This would be my first dac/amp for my RHA t20.
  13. CFGamescape
    Are drivers required if plugged into a Windows PC (i.e., will it work, even if limited?).
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  14. HiFiChris Contributor
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  15. Lifted Andreas
    Received the device today, really loving it so far! Running Foobar and listening to DSD converted on the fly, seeing that green light never felt or sounded better and all for £88 from Amazon (FiiO Official store)! Even though I don't care much for the balanced output or the Apple certification I'm not returning this device. I just love FiiO house sound too much and I've never had a bad experience with any FiiO product.

    Although by doing this I'm unable to get audio from any other program but whatever, I just close my eyes and listen to the music. :D

    Posted my initial views on it now.

    IMG_20171228_161711.jpg IMG_20171228_221809.jpg IMG_20171228_221951.jpg
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