FiiO Q1MKII Apple MFi Certified DAC & Amp with Native DSD Support,XMOS USB DAC chip,DAC AK4452,20 hours

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by FiiO, Jul 15, 2017.
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  1. FiiO
    FiiO Q1MKII is the updated version of Q1

    Apple MFi Certified DAC & Amp with Native DSD Support

    Utilizes the professional XMOS USB DAC chip

    Apple MFi Certified

    Hi-Res Audio Certified

    Supports up to 384kHz/32bit for PCM format

    Supports native DSD up to DSD256

    Dual crystal oscillators for faithful audio decoding

    Dual headphone outputs, support both 3.5mm standard and 2.5mm balanced

    Discrete high quality DAC AK4452

    20 hours ultra-long battery life

    How come FiiO Q1 Mark II is not advertised as a DAC for android phones?
    Please kindly read the Post#18 on the thread.
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  2. FiiO
    The all-new Q1 Mark II (Q1MKII)-- MFi Certified DAC/Amp with Native DSD Decoding

    Compatible with Apple latest iOS + Innovative ADC Volume Adjustment + Rotary Knob Design + Perfectly Aligned Design
    2017广州发布会EN.150.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.151.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.152.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.153.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.154.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.155.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.156.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.157.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.158.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.159.jpeg
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  3. FiiO
    DSD Identification + Dual Headphone Output + Can be used as a DAC to iPhone / PC or as an amplifier for music player + Automatic Identifies the Input Signal + Gain and Bass + Various Accessories

    Retail Price in USA: $99.99

    2017广州发布会EN.160.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.161.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.162.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.163.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.164.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.165.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.166.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.167.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.168.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.169.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.170.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.171.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.172.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.173.jpeg 2017广州发布会EN.174.jpeg
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  4. FiiO
    Dear All the friends, the review tour of Q1MKII will be ready to be released at next week, please kindly stay tuned.
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  5. superuser1
    This looks awesome. I am definitely getting this!
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  6. Witcher
    Nice! will definately give this a try when it's out.
  7. mike138
    Any word on when this and the F9 will be out? That combination may end up being one of the best current values in audio.
  8. fourrobert13

    Definitely interested in this.
  9. RyanM
    Wow. Looking like incredible value. Looking forward to this.
  10. Kevin_a7
    Supports android ?
  11. Discman634
    Just making sure the balanced headphone cables I bought fo Pono will not work balanced on this right?
  12. RAQemUP
    This takes a 2.5 TRRS for balanced output like in the AK, Onkyo/Pioneer, and other Fiio stuff.
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  13. fourrobert13
    Read through the pictures and you'll find your answer.
  14. Undertones
    Fiio. The Q1 was popular because it was a good DAC/Amp with good power output when used single-ended. That made it a good choice when people bought their first headphones like Audio-Technica M50X, Sennheiser HD598 or a budget IEM. These people won't be using balanced just as the majority of people won't either because the cables for balanced are expensive or not possible without DIY modifications to a headphone like the AKG K702.

    The Q1 MKII has poor power output of 75mW into 32Ω when used unbalanced which is what most people will be using.

    If the MKII replaces the MKI then I see that as a betrayal of Fiio to its first time budget customers who helped build your brand in the first place. The MKII looks to be a great product but it is for a different market segment.

    Update: Fiio has responded. The MKI will stay in production along side the MKII.
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  15. FiiO
    Q1MKII will be released into market in August. F9 is ready for the market at the end of July.
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