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FiiO Q1MKII-Apple MFi Certified DAC & Amp, Native DSD Support, XMOS USB DAC chip, DAC AK4452, 20 hours

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by FiiO, Jul 15, 2017.
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  1. haoyuan
    DAC is different, so it'll sound differently. From my experience, the different amp modules also changes the sound enough to be noticeable. Also the Q1ii may not have enough power to drive your HD600 properly. I own the Q1ii and the AM3A module on the x7ii (same one on the Q5) and I can tell you that via balanced on both, Q1 can drive the 300ohm beast at about 60%~ while the AM3A can go about 80%~ on my HD650. If you switch the AM5 high powered module then you'll get even better output for HD600.
  2. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    You quoted me right?

    So I'll answer your question.

    The Q5 is good but the Q1MKII is better than it in ease of use and portability. SQ is totally subjective and lots of folks hardly ever mention what music was used to reach their opinions anyways.

    Using 4 tracks with IEM I know well, I hear the sonic cues I expect from both devices. The Q5 has more power and potential for much more, BT though not latest and wifi so it is a swiss army knife. I think the FH1 is better than the F9 Pro and the FH1 is priced below the F9 Pro. I am thinking the Q1mkII is just that damn good...not the Q5 is not something.
  3. Brooko Contributor
    Comparing the Q1ii and Q5 with really neutral IEMs (single ended) - using the Alclair Curve. Digital source is an iPhone SE. Output is volume matched to within 0.1 dB using a calibrated dB meter.

    Once you're volume matched there is hardly any difference. Both have very good overall resolution. If there is any difference (and this is marginal - at least to me), the Q5 might be ever so slightly smoother (slight tinge of warmth). But it may well be placebo on my part.

    Single ended with the HD600 (I have no balanced cable) - and I again personally think the difference is very small. Both sound great with the HD600 (again just my personal opinion) - and again I'm struck by the fact that the HD600 is a pretty easy load to drive. I even tried using iPhone > digital out > Q1ii >line-out > A5, and there really isn't much (if any improvement). So personally I think (with the HD600 anyway), that the Q1ii output is pretty good - even SE.

    I now have a balanced cable for my HD800S - and that was the last test.

    First up - SE.
    The HD800S sounds pretty good on both - buts its clear in the comparison that the AM3 amp unit on the Q5 has better control on the driver. Bass sounds a little loose with the Q1ii - not awful - there's just a noticeable difference.

    Now balanced.
    Both Q1ii and Q5 balanced (with this headphone) are an improvement over SE (Q5 with AM3A). In fact the Q1ii balanced sounds pretty darn good. But the Q5 is at a slightly different level. Only disclaimer I have here is that its really hard to volume match the headphones, so I could be slightly out in the volume - and this could cause a false impression.

    Overall - I'd say:
    With IEMs - assuming you need portability - go with Q1ii
    With headphones - it will depend on the impedance and sensitivity - but if its harder to drive, then definitely recommend considering the Q5. Q1ii still does a great job with the HD600 though.
    For the HD800S .... balanced .... Q5 => yummy.

    Two tracks I tested with : Pink Floyd "Have a Cigar" & Elton John "Bennie and the Jets" (live)
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2018
  4. WilcoRoger
    About OTG cables that won't drain your DAP/phone. I've found Nocturnal Audio's Vela cables ($29,90) and asked the guys about this. Here's their answer:

    "Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the FiiO Q1 MKII will not drain the battery from your DAP. In our testing on Q1 MKII with several smartphones, the Q1 MKII do not seem to drain the phone's battery. However, the results with other sources such as your DAP may not be the same as our results when testing with our smartphones."

    So the cale might be good, even though they put the boilerplate "we cannot guarantee" text in their answer.

  5. TheEldestBoy

    Thanks for the detailed reply @Brooko

    One reason I'm considering going for the Q5 instead of the Q1 Mk11 is that I can always revert to pairing the Q5 with my iPhone via Bluetooth if need be.

    I've had the original Q1 for over a year now and was only able to make it work with my iPhone for the first few months. When apple came out with that iOS update that made it difficult to connect via lightning cable I could never get it working again (I tired a few different cables too, but to no avail). Since then I've just been going from the headphone-out of my iPhone into the line-in of the Q1. So, I'm getting the amping benefits of the Q1 but not the dac benefits of the Q1. This has been VERY annoying and I'm worried that Apple could at anytime introduce a new iOS update that would render the Q1 MK11 and the Q5 unusable via lighting cable. If this every happens, I could simply pair via bluetooth until it gets sorted out.
  6. slackerpo
    thanks bros.
  7. Inoculator
    I think people have already posted it, but I wanted to confirm for folks that this cable is the solution to Android phones charging the Q1 mkII. https://www.ebay.com/itm/10cm-Left-...at-both-ends-for-OPPO-HA-2SE-DAC/292052970340
    The phone will still say it is charging, but it is not. Now the Q1 mkII is the perfect compliment to my Samsung Note 8! Bonus that the cable has the right angle connectors as well, as there is significantly less stress being put on the USB-C connector on the phone. Wish they offered a longer version with a straight connector on the micro USB end as well for when I don't want to stack my phone and DAC/amp.
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  8. Lifted Andreas
    I assume you've tested this, or someone else did?

    I contacted them and asked if they make a MicroUSB to MicroUSB, they replied and said yeah but they can't guarantee that it won't charge the DAC. Even though the cable is in OTG setting.
  9. Inoculator
    Yep, battery not rapidly depleting on my smartphone, and was able to run through the Q1 mkII internal battery and need to charge it. Also, that same ebay seller has this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/10cm-Right...TG-Cable-4-DAC-Digital-Amplifier/301669713346 which seems to be what you need. Fingers crossed it also lacks the ability to charge.
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  10. superuser1
    Have ordered one to use with a Sony A35 primarily. Let's see how it goes.
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  11. Charente
    @superuser1 ... That's what I'm figuring on doing ... your experiences would be interesting.
  12. superuser1
    I have got the fiio L 27 cable to do the job. Hope it works!
  13. FiiO
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  14. superuser1
    Sony A35 -- FiiO L 27 -- Q1 Mk II

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  15. stylus75
    The L27 cable works well with the older NWZ-A15 too connected to the Q1 Mark II.
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