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FiiO Q1MKII-Apple MFi Certified DAC & Amp, Native DSD Support, XMOS USB DAC chip, DAC AK4452, 20 hours

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by FiiO, Jul 15, 2017.
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  1. Skullophile
    Couple of questions, I tried using the search. So the single ended output is not enough to power the HD800, does the balanced output power them any better? Also, does the line in of this unit accept a Trrs Jack. I wanna go from the balanced 2.5mm trrs of my M1s into this unit. Any answers are appreciated.
  2. Joong
    With balanced output there is 2 times of available voltage, and you need a trrs jack for the double voltage aka more than 2 times of power.
    However you need a much more high power headphone amplifier like Gustard a20h, or H10 at least which is equivalent to Vioelectric V200, or better yet V281 and the like for enjoy full potential of hd800s.
    Yes Cayin iha6 is one of good candidates.
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2018
  3. Skullophile
    Thanks for the reply, that answers my questions perfectly.
  4. Darren Cotter

    Does anyone one know where you can get a micro to micro OTG USB lead in Europe, so I can use my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as a transport?
  5. Lifted Andreas
  6. FLymon
    I know this is not Europe, and maybe the charging issue is not a factor for you but I bought this one from Cable Creations on Amazon:

    It works fine but your S7 will charge your Q1MKII with this cord, and I imagine all the low cost ones. I contacted Cable Creations asking if they knew of a cord that would defeat the charging aspect and they said that it can't be done.
    One thing I have noticed is that when the Q1MKII is fully charged the red light does not come on when plugged into the S7, but when you power it up you get a purple flicker for a second then the blue light. So it looks like when charged up anyway the Q1MKII soesn't draw on the S7. When the Q1MKII is not fully charged you get the red light at plug in (charging), and then the purple light when you power on(charging and transferring).
    I have not had it long enough to determine how bad of a power draw it is. I think I will return it and just get a DAP instead of trying to use my phone. Too much of a hassle, for me anyway.
  7. Darren Cotter
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2018
    Lifted Andreas likes this.
  8. Darren Cotter

    Thanks for the answer. This guy has one that doesn't charge the Q1ii, in his review.

  9. FLymon
    Yes he does, or maybe it's just the Q1MKII is fully charged?
    That is an Audio Technica cable and based on this review from here on this site they do not stop the device from charging off of the host (granted it was different equipment but the same principle):

    Maybe it's luck of the draw? Or maybe just various combos of equipment work while others do not?

    I can't find any cord marketed as being able to defeat the charging aspect while keeping the data transfer aspect.
  10. Darren Cotter
    Thanks for the answer. Looks like no Q1ii or Q5 for me then.

    Do all Amp/DAC's that have a USB input, like the Mojo, have the same problem whereby the source powers the Amp/DAC?
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2018
  11. Lifted Andreas
    Don't loose hope, it's only a matter of time before someone who makes those cables pops up. I'm keeping an eye on eBay, there's a few good cable makers on there.
  12. Darren Cotter
    Thanks, but I'll leave it until FiiO either supply a cable with the Q1ii or Q5, or make an Android version of them.

    Also, I don't see why just because a small company in the global sense like Fiio release a couple of Apple compatible Amp/DACs, there should suddenly be a plethora of cables available. If it were Sony, maybe.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2018
  13. Lifted Andreas
    Well FiiO has already shared info on how to make this cables, they did say tho that they won't be making them. So that's why I have faith that someone will end up doing it at some point.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2018
  14. Darren Cotter
    If they have all the information as to how to make these cables, why the **** can't they make them themselves? Look at this.


    Why make it difficult for 80% of the smartphone market.
  15. HiFiChris Contributor
    The video review is by @Hawaiibadboy who is living in Japan, and if I recall correctly, he got the cable from a Japanese online audio store, and it is indeed terminated so that the DAC is used without draining the source's battery (= no charging).
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