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FiiO Q1MKII-Apple MFi Certified DAC & Amp, Native DSD Support, XMOS USB DAC chip, DAC AK4452, 20 hours

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by FiiO, Jul 15, 2017.
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  1. CFGamescape
    This doesn't answer your question, but I can't imagine any scenario in which the Apple Lightning to 3.5mm adapter would ever sound better than the FiiO or any device dedicated to producing above average sound quality for any decent pair of IEMs or headphones. That said, for commuting, it might not be worth the trouble of dealing with multiple devices, cables, etc.
  2. davehutch
    Quite true. Tomorrow I’m going to do a comparison between the iPhone DAC and my Grace Design on the Mac. Should give me an indication if the purchase would be worthwhile
  3. CFGamescape
    Matt at Forza got back to me and they don't have the LOD cable available nor do does he know when they would become available. Seems like a low-priority item for them. Too bad. My only option is to go with the eBay seller "dtses14."
  4. Lifted Andreas
    Could you please link the listing you're talking about?
  5. CFGamescape
  6. FLymon
    Is the cable itself keeping your note 4 from charging the Q1M2?
    I have an S7 Edge and an otg cable but the phone is charging the Q1M2 when I plug it in. I will buy a cable if it will work for me.
    I have tried to find one based on the box you posted but no luck yet.
  7. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Yes it prevents the Q1MKII from hijacking my Note 4 battery.
    Probably only available in Japan or by an export company
  8. FLymon

    Thanks for that. If anyone knows of one available in USA that would be great.
  9. WilcoRoger
    I have eyed this one for a while now. So when I had a few hour to kill in Hongkong, I went to Wan Chai and one of the shops had it - priced at HKD 998, but haggled down to HKD 830. I also noticed a Sony WM digital out custom cable, grabed it for HKD 170. Boy does it make a nice combo!

    The form factor of the Q1 mk2 is nearly exactly the same as the Sony A3x/4x series. The sound - well I would never have believed how much difference a DAC/AMP can make, even if the Sony sounds very nice on its own, too. But with the Q1 making the heavy lifting - wow.

    Very impressed and happy with the price, too.
    slackerpo likes this.
  10. obelisk619
    I'm planning to get the q1 mk2, however for those who already have one, do you think it can last with me using it as a dedicated dac/amp for desktop? I'm quite concerned about the battery since it will be plugged into my computer most of the time (I am gonna use it for portable too but most of the time it will be on my desktop)

    I'm gonna use it for hifiman-4xx since my desktop can't power it enough.
  11. Joong
    During USB dac connection to your computer, it is charged through the same usb connection.
    In my opinion it is very good desktop dac and portable dac as well.
    However when your headphone is not very efficient phones like planar phones like he 500/560, or Beyerdynamic T1, the power of Fiio Q1 mk2 is not enough to drive those phones.
    So is true for relatively high impedance phones above 300 ohms like hd650/600/800.

    Therefore you need a decent headphone amplifier for the solution.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2018
  12. Lifted Andreas
    I've had mine plugged into my laptop for a few weeks now, the battery charges and discharges like normal.
  13. Gringo91
    noob question. Whats the difference between connecting a source through the line in vs the USB ?
  14. Joong
    When it acts as dac, you should connect via USB; whereas as amplifier, connect via line.
    Gringo91 likes this.
  15. obelisk619

    Thank you for the feedback. I'm excited to test it out before buying it.
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