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FiiO Q1MKII-Apple MFi Certified DAC & Amp, Native DSD Support, XMOS USB DAC chip, DAC AK4452, 20 hours

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by FiiO, Jul 15, 2017.
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  1. mike138
    Gah, so it arrived yesterday and of course I didn't think about the fact that I'd need a type c to type c wire to connect to my android devices. The dac/amp in balanced mode with the F9 sounded really good through my Windows computer, running TIDAL hifi. Today I'll spend some time using the amp only with the line out function connected to my phone.

    My only concern is that I might run into an issue with my android devices not connecting to the Q1M2 because of power requirements, but we'll see.
  2. Maleckii
    There's no way for the device to know what it's plugged in to, though. That's not how the USB spec works :wink:

    Oh, and I should have mentioned that the host volume control works in Windows and Android, just not Mac/iOS. It has something to do with the chip they put in the thing to get it MFi certification probably. It identifies as a DAC with its own volume control. Windows/Android won't read that chip.
  3. imnostatic
    Can this be used as a charger for an iPhone (like the Oppo HA-2SE)?
  4. Maleckii
    So after using it a bit more, this time strapped to the back of my phone, I'm getting some really bad interference from the cell/wifi radios. Extremely noticeable, and i'm even picking it up with the DAC totally disconnected from the phone. No interference at all with the DAC sitting on my desk next to the phone - this is only with it strapped to the back of my Pixel XL.
  5. mike138
    What cable are you using to connect the phone to the Q1?
  6. Maleckii
    This is with the USB - Micro USB cable that comes with the DAC, and the USB-C OTG adapter that came with the phone, and also a custom USB-C - Micro USB cable. I've tried a bunch of different cables - but I get the interference even with the DAC completely disconnected from the phone.
  7. FiiO
    When the Q1MKII is strapped to the back of the phone and keeping very close to the antenna of the phone, an interference may appear. You can try turn back the Q1MKII for facing the phone or add a silicon pad comes with the Q1MKII between them in order to keep larger distance to see if it helps?

    Best regards
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  8. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    Major bummer, I saw your post then re-checked the first posts by FiiO and realized this will not smoothly integrate with my Note 4.

    Hunt for a good balanced backpack for the Note 4 continues :frowning2:
  9. sososerious
    Not sure if it will work or not but I think I'm going to try an RFI Shielding sheet between the Q1 and my phone if I run into problems, my Q1MkII arrives in the morning :)

  10. Plastivore
    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post, and I wanted to thank everyone here since the discussion helped me settle on the Q1ii for my first ever portable DAC. I received it yesterday and so far I'm loving it (haven't had much time to play with it on my iPhone 6S yet, but I have a working week coming up :wink:).

    It doesn't power the iPhone. Actually, it's small and light so I think it's good, otherwise you would drain the Q1ii's battery quite fast.

    I haven't noticed interference noise for the bit I've been using it on my iPhone 6S so far, and the cellular reception is not that great where I live. First time I'm using an external DAC, and not regretting taking the leap!
  11. sososerious
    @FiiO can you confirm the pinout of the balanced out port please? Is it (from tip to sleeve) R- R+ L+ L-
  12. haoyuan
    2_5mm TRRS pinout.jpg
    Same thing as AK. I know for sure because I converted all my cables.
    Lifted Andreas, FiiO and sososerious like this.
  13. sososerious
    Thanks, I've just made a set up using that pinout so should be good to go.

    Now do I make a pono to trrs adapter for all my other headphones or make up a set of new cables for each! Got 4 different IEM / Cans connectors in my collection :frowning2:
  14. RyanM
    Thanks for reporting this. This is a deal breaker for me and I’ll have to keep waiting for a good budget Balanced option. That’s too bad.
  15. mike138
    Ok, so today I achieved success in getting the Q1Mk2 to connect to my android phone (Blackberry Priv) as a DAC/AMP. I had to use this connector:


    I have the right-angle micro USB connected to the phone. The male USB connection is connected to a portable charger. The female USB is accepting the cord from the Q1Mk2. The Q1Mk2 is charging off of the portable charger, so it's not requiring power from the phone. Therefore, it's not triggering the phone's power output limit.

    I will charge up a few of the other android devices I have laying around the house to confirm this works with those devices as well.
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