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FiiO Q1MKII-Apple MFi Certified DAC & Amp, Native DSD Support, XMOS USB DAC chip, DAC AK4452, 20 hours

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by FiiO, Jul 15, 2017.
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  1. haoyuan
    I converted pretty much all my cables to balanced. Can't wait to use this via USB out on my X5iii.
  2. Maleckii
    I just ordered one from Amazon, with Prime shipping, scheduled to arrive this Sunday. Sweet!
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  3. FiiO USA
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  4. techboy
    DSD isn’t working with my unit with JRiver. Can somebody please help?
  5. Vaanres
    I'm waiting for Q1M2, My combo is Ip6s + 1More e1010 (quad drivers), i hope Q1M2 will raise my e1010 into a new level, i want more mid and more 3D soundtanges :frowning2:.

    And my 1More e1010 is single ended cable, so i can go with Q1 Gen 1 or G1 Gen 2 ?
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2017
  6. mike138
    Got an email - my Q1M2 is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I happen to have a random smattering of Android devices laying around, so I am going to test with all of them. I was thinking that since FIIO understandably can't guarantee Android operability, that it may be useful start a list of devices that will work with the Q1M2. Would you guys be interested in that? I was thinking it could be a living list that the community here could add to.
  7. haoyuan
    Got my Q1m2 yesterday in the mail. I ordered before it was propagated through the system on Amazon and it showed delivery on Tuesday. Then after I ordered it showed available to be delivered by Sunday with prime. I chatted with them and complained at the discrepancies and they comped 25 dollars from the entire order. So effectively I got it for less than 80.
  8. Maleckii
    It works fine on my Pixel XL, but the phone charges the DAC. Doesn't really bother me, but I can see how it would for some. Also my phone has a separate digital volume control from the DAC. Plugged into my MacBook the OS volume control is bypassed.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2017
  9. frifox
    That's unfortunate, in fact quite a deal-breaker for me. My past experience with adding a loopback device to control the volume via the host (ie MacBook) introduces all kinds of glitches and delays :frowning2:

    I'm sure controlling the volume only with the Q1 is scientifically superior, however in everyday use the audio quality improvement are impossible to hear...
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2017
  10. Slater
    Isn't that to be expected, since the Q1 MK2 has it's own volume knob? Or is it desirable to maintain volume control from the source as well?
  11. frifox
    I guess I'm just looking for a perfect product.

    Example use cases:
    - At work, a coworker needs my attention so I hit MUTE with my mouse/keyboard (my hands are on it already) and converse. Once done, I un-mute and I'm back happy coding with music back at desired volume.
    - I'm listening to music and decide to watch a random youtube video. That video is too loud/quiet, so I use keyboard/mouse to quickly adjust the volume.
    - I head home and pop my phone in, hit play, and now I'm ripping my ciem's out in panic because phone's volume was left at 100%. Having Q1 cap volume at something reasonable for sensitive iems is a lifesaver.

    Reaching for the Q1 and constantly tweaking the volume every time someone bugs me, or a track that I'm listening to is too loud/quiet is unnecessary inconvenience. Call me lazy but using the Q1 8+ hours a day constantly reaching + messing with the volume knob will become irritating very fast.

    Having on-board volume control is amazing too. I would hate to have to pull out my phone every time a track is too loud/quiet (pre-normalizing volume isn't always possible/convenient). So having ability to adjust volume both on the host AND on the dac/amp is a must for me. Windows at home, macOS at work, and an Android phone means cross compatibility is quite important too.

    This is probably the only reason why I still use E17 - the noise floor is near nonexistent even with sensitive iems yet works perfectly on all systems - including a menu option that prevents draining my phone's battery when on the go.

    Maybe I'm too picky? :D
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2017
  12. Slater
    No, that makes sense.

    It's hard to find anything that's "perfect". You should know that as a coder. That's like trying to get the perfect set of application requirements from end users.

    The Q1 is already interacting with iOS - it's likely that's a feature that can be added in a firmware update (unless there's a hardware limitation in the DAC chip or Q1 preventing it). Ask FiiO and see. Since the product is so new, now's the time they'll be working on firmware fixes.
  13. frifox
    Ended up buying the Q1 regardless, just had to try it for myself.

    Found a small annoyance right away:

    Every time I pause audio (may that be the media player play/pause, player switching to the next tracks, or just me browsing youtube) there is this pop you hear through the headphones - the speaker pop you usually get when an amp turns on/off. Once the amp is "off", there is another pop as the amp turns back "on" when I start playing music again. These restarts add a slight delay to when you actually start hearing the audio.

    And, since the volume is controlled only via the knob, even the lowest setting is more loud that I'd like it to be (for quiet environment chill sessions).

    Last edited: Oct 3, 2017
  14. Slater
    That probably IS the amp turning on and off (to save power).

    Does it make the same pop when you turn the Q1 on with headphones connected? The Q1 may just not have a soft-start relay.
  15. frifox
    I suspect there are multiple relays. There is a pop when you turn the knob, but that's expected and happens only when you turn device on/off. However it's a different sounding pop, more higher pitched. Once I actually start playing audio (even if it's pure silence) it will pop again, and then again after pausing with a 3 second delay.

    Doesn't make sense to conserve power when you're plugged into a PC. Only time I'd rather power Q1 from onboard battery is when I'm on a cellphone.

    On a bright side, when used with Windows/Android - the host volume/mute buttons do work, which is perfect since my quiet sessions are almost always done in my zero-g-chair/bed with the phone!

    And another, HUGE plus is it seems Q1 is more or less immune to RFI! Having the cellphone stacked with Q1 and absolutely no interference!

    PS: already accidentally bumped the volume knob a few times messing up the volume. Looks like this will require some getting used to...
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2017
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