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FiiO M9 , Android based Hi-Res smart DAP with 3.5/2.5 powerful output|AKM4490 X2 |WiFi|aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/HWA(LHDC)|USB DAC|USB AUDIO OUT

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by JamesFiiO, Aug 10, 2018.
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  1. gLer
    Shouldn’t DSDs have a pregain of +6dB since most DSDs are mastered at -6dB to avoid clipping?
  2. zls88
    I reported the audio clipping issue to them a week ago and provided a sample track, they are talking to their engineers so hopefully soon we'll hear some word!
  3. bowei006 Contributor
    Seriously impressed with FiiO Link.

    Worked out the box. Needs to be a bit more 'automatic' in that I shouldn't have to re-enable and go through 4-5 steps each time but it's a beginning.
  4. Sven2015
    You have +6dB more headroom, that means, a normal 16 bit audio file can have a max. peak by 0dB. Due to increased bandwith of DSD files, a DSD file can have a max peak by +6dB. In normal audio systems, DSD files are clipping without pre-gain. FiiO does not support this pre-gain for DSD files, but my old Sony Walkman does. DSD files are clipping @FiiO M9 but not @Sony Walkman. :wink:

    MJ "Thriller" album produces clippings @M9, but not @Sony Walkman cause of the pre-gain by -3dB.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2019
  5. theadmans
    Yes I have the Qobuz HiRes subscription so that is why I bought the M9.

    Used to have the Fiio X3 2nd Gen - but that didn't do Wi-Fi.

    Qobuz on the M9 means I don't have to remember to load up the micro sd card when I go on holiday.

    Disappointed by the Hi-Fi World review though - they loved the Fiio X3 2nd Gen.

    The review was done on M9 Firmware 1.02 - does 1.03 (which I have - make any difference to the sound quality).

    The review also said the problems with the M9 were similar to those in the M7 (when tested).

    Would be great if someone with the equipment could check Hi-Fi Worlds measurements of the M9....

    ...mind you the review did say they tried 2 M9s (in case one was faulty).

    The worrying thing is that they say the poor dynamic range (104db) continued when they linked the M9 via coax to an Audiolab M-DAC+...

    ...I had wondered about getting a Chord Mojo DAC in the future for the M9 (but not sure now it would be worth it).
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  6. gLer
    I played a DSD album on the M9 the other day and it played fine. I’ll give Thriller a try to see if I get clipping.
  7. gLer
    Which issue of HiFi World?
  8. RowBearToe
    I hate that all of my 'The' artists are grouped in the T's together. Is there a way to get FiiO Music to ignore the prefixes?
  9. theadmans
    February 2019 Hi-Fi World - written by Noel Keywood (who seems to do all their DAP reviews).

    Here are some excerpted quotes from the review:-

    "The M9 had the speed and sound balance I heard from the M7, even though they use different DACs.

    It was an immediately impressive sound, if not as subtle and silky as I know AKM’s Verita Series from mains powered DACs.

    The Audiolab M-DAC+ got more depth out of this track but the M9 made it exciting.

    When lowering pace to the softer and slower Narrow Daylight from Diana Krall (24/96) the M9 player imposed hard outline on
    images and added firm grip to the slow plucked bass line. Swapping over to our Audiolab M-DAC+ gave an easier, more laconic
    presentation, the one I am used to from this track in my review suite on SD card; there was a greater smoothness and depth

    It (M9) has a fast, punchy sound that will appeal to many – but at the expense of space and subtlety. So very good, if not an ultimate
    audiophile machine, except with DSD.

    Distortion was on the high side at 0.13% (-60dB, 24bit) where 0.03% or less is common, our analysis showing an array of harmonics.
    This resulted in an EIAJ dynamic range value of 104dB – low by current standards where 115dB is common and 117dB quoted, as
    expected from AKM4490 DACs. We tested two samples, both running latest firmware (1.0.2). The problem was digital noise (wi-fi and
    Bluetooth set to Off), since S/PDIF out gave the same result via an Audiolab M-DAC+.

    With CD distortion measured 0.18% which, as CD goes, is very good, dynamic range being 101dB – little worse than hires. The M9 is
    fine with CD, less so with hi-res. There appears to be a problem here, similar to an M7 tested August 2018 issue."
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  10. KESM
    I tried this as well. I’ve concluded...while good...I prefer the M9 with an amp. I’m using Vorzuge Pure II (with an MPOW BT adapter)...paired with Grados GW100 (wireless HPs)
  11. LiquidVacuum
    Hello dear @JamesFiiO and @FiiO . The new firmware that Fiio made for M7 & M9 is amazing for my opinion, but I've got some questions. I think that M9 is technically ideal for it's price. And also it's best designed DAP I find on the market. But there is one little thing that I want to see realized in firmware or in fiio music. I'd like to have ability of optional bit-perfect output made like checkbox or button in player app or in system settings. I think it will be a great present and killer-feature for a budget audiophiles like me. Since I have no money and desire to spend it to monstrous, ugly looking, unergonomic and full-android-abused players from you competitors, as I've got your product which is meets all my requirements.
    Please, ask your engineers is it possible to make this?
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  12. Manwue
    Ok i found what i was doing wrong.
  13. frustration101
    Need help!
    New to the android thing.
    I’m trying to install the Sony headphones app. I have copied the apk zip file from Fiio whitelist to my M9 but cannot see it in the file browser. What am I doing wrong?
  14. bgtip
    My M9's Spotify scrobbles to last.fm without any problem. FiiO Music however does not scrobble to last.fm.
    Can I kindly request a scrobbler for FiiO Music to last.fm?
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2019
  15. bgtip
    I wonder if I am the only one who thinks that Spotify sounds rubbish from M9 even on highest quality?
    Also my Spotify does not dispaly album cover art. Any thoughts?
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