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FiiO M9 , Android based Hi-Res smart DAP with 3.5/2.5 powerful output|AKM4490 X2 |WiFi|aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/HWA(LHDC)|USB DAC|USB AUDIO OUT

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by JamesFiiO, Aug 10, 2018.
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  1. DeviousEnigma
    USB A to mini/micro/C (whatever the device uses as an input) but yes that’s the chain I’m talking about. As far as I know, phones can’t take a PC input and pass through as a transmitter via LDAC. Is this the only device so far or are there others?
  2. bowei006 Contributor
    Is your end goal just to play your PC's stored audio tracks to your BT headphone with LDAC quality? Not sure if the M9 will do this
  3. steelgtr
    Will this work well in a home stereo setup? I would love line level SQ ( no headphone amp) but with level control?


  4. DeviousEnigma
    It’s specific to either gaming or playing my guitar say for rocksmith or as an input and have it playback wirelessly to my headphones. I have a particular application. The product specs for this device mention it can do this. Am I wrong?
  5. bowei006 Contributor
    The M9 has a line out option you can set in the settings if that is your question.

    LO on many devices still go through a 'headphone amp' btw :/

    Hmm it seems the product page does claim it can transmit LDAC BT even when used as USB DAC. Yeah this one is new. Don't know of many consumer BT devices let alone audiophile ones that currently can do LDAC

    I don't think I can find a general PC BT transmitter than can do LDAC so far from my quick search. Huh never realized this was a popular use case.

    BTW, you're probably gonna want AptX LL or HWA LLHC if you do that btw. Both are high quality low latency solutions especially as you are doing rocksmith.

    The best bet being HWA LLHC which has the superiority of LDAC but with some bitrate loss but is low latency oriented. AptX LL isn't as HQ as LDAC or HWA LLHC.

    The only device that supports HWA right now is FiiOs own BTR3

    So what you can do for best quality

    PC-> USB C-> M9 as USB DAC transmitting HWA -> BTR3 receiving ->Wired headphones
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2018
  6. MPNow
    A few pages back theres a link covering that. Also see fiios fb page. Amazon should have it any day now.
  7. Detectit

    Wow multifunctional device I can wash my face in Sink mode. LOL.
    Edit: looks like "Sink" is a normal name with Android Bluetooth streaming and not a typo.

    @FiiO As a Bluetooth decoding amp is this only possible in SBC mode?
    I have a Apt-X capable phone. But it's not receiving or...?

    15420377958791228665191978291732.jpg I thought i have bought a M9 instead of a M7. :ksc75smile:.
    I guess Fiio forgot the rewrite the warning message of changing line out.

    First impressions are good... Actually surprising good... Is deadly quite and more mentioned neutral sounding.

    Only thing I have noticed in the Deezer app when applying EQ volume reduces drastically. There is no volume booster in the EQ.

    This is my first Fiio and experience with Fiio player and unfortunately it's not a good player (for me) for DLNA libraries. Although I like the way it looks and the EQ section is nice.

    I hope they will whitelist some third party players.
    Or update the app so it can make a library from NAS files.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2018
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  8. MPNow
    I think I heard someone else either here or in a review mention that there were some ui problems with the product like you've stated.

    I really hope they address these soon though. I understand they are trying to push out the next product but if they want to be taken seriously with the M9, UI errors like this shouldn't be occurring on a flag ship product.
  9. cprime
    Looking at this, the opus 1s and the iBasso dx120 as possible future dap.
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  10. lucifero13
    I wonder how will the M9 stack up against the ES100. I miss having a dedicated dap :frowning2:
  11. gezer
    Has anyone been able to compare this with the AK70 ?
    My thinking is although the AK70 is quite old now... It should still be better than the M9?
  12. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    As a Bluetooth receiver, the M9 support SBC (LDAC to be added with software updates).
    We will report to the engineers about the ui problem and the DLNA issue you mentioned.
    Thanks for the kind report.

    Best regards
    FiiO Stay updated on FiiO at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/FiiOAUDIO https://twitter.com/FiiO_official https://www.instagram.com/fiioofficial/ https://www.fiio.com http://fiio.udesk.cn/im_client/?web_plugin_id=24494&group_id=47899&language=en-us
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  13. dharmasteve
    Been testing the Fiio M9 for some time now with various IEM's, the Fiio EX 1, Sony Mdr-EX650, TRN V80, Tin Audio T2, KZ AS10, KZ ES4, and BQEYZ KB100. I bought it, and my IEMs, so I am not tied in any way tied to Fiio or anyone else. The M9 is way ahead of the Fiio X3 2nd gen IMHO. The Fiio M9 and the KB100 are to my subjective ears a match made in heaven. The KB100 reviews on Head-Fi are all very accurate IMHO. Spotify works extremely well on this little machine. I have a small selection of DAPs and this M9, compared to all of them, is a little special. I use it on high gain, lowpass filter mode; short delay, slow roll off. It goes very loud with all my IEMs. I do not feel the need to amp it. Am looking forwards to a quality case becoming available although the little transparent case it comes in is good. Virtually does everything anyone will need a player to do. Just possibly one oversight. It can cast to my WiFi speaker through Spotify but not via the native Fiio app. That means I cannot cast my own saved music library. A bit of a nuisance, definitely. All in all a real keeper for me. I like it....a lot.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2018
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  14. Bkido
    I just received my M9 today and the general first impression is very good. The only problem i have is when using it as USB DAC. Then it introduces a very long delay. That's ok for music but makes it impossible to watch videos. Does anyone have the same problem or maybe a solution how this lag can be reduced?

    Another Problem is that the MTP driver seems to be not installing on my Windows 10 1809. I copied the driver to my disk and disconnected the M9. But when i execute the setup nothing happens. Someone else with this Problem?
  15. Detectit
    Thanks ..... I hope it's clear what I mean with DLNA "issue" .
    It would be great to have NAS storaged music files to be accessible in the main library Fiio music app.

    Thanks and the M9 is Sound and powerwise a great device i am enjoying it.

    And BT sink Mode on LDAC would be awesome.
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