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FiiO M9 , Android based Hi-Res smart DAP with 3.5/2.5 powerful output|AKM4490 X2 |WiFi|aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/HWA(LHDC)|USB DAC|USB AUDIO OUT

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by JamesFiiO, Aug 10, 2018.
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  1. Ulrich B.
    I have Test it with Deezer...
    I can Download Songs to my external SD. That is no Problem.
    Only a Problem with Spotify...?!
    I'm not use Spotify. I can no testing with Spotify....
    The M9 is a nice Device. I'm also youth the M11.
    Both Devices are great. The M11 is also better then the M9.
    Because not soo mobile...
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019
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  2. Typhoon1944
    They've replied to other posts. They've weighed in and told users that there's supposedly a firmware update coming in April (by all accounts it's now July and people are still waiting) and they have even replied to my concerns regarding the poor WiFi so they're happy enough to blame another company for the poor performance of their device despite the fact that some of them aren't capable of providing the functionality that is quite clearly stated on the packaging, in their advertising and on their own website. They have admitted that there is an intrinsic fault with some of the WiFi chips. If, as many people are stating, this is only affecting a minority of devices, why not offer the affected users a replacement that doesn't have the poor quality chip installed? They won't do it because they want people to buy the M11 and it shouldn't be up to the retailer to replace it either. I sent mine back for a refund and purchased something that does exactly what I need it to 100% of the time and the retailer has either had to take the issue up with Fiio or has sold the device on at a lower price to another unlucky purchaser.

    Product development should not be carried out by the end user. Why should we pay a significant amount of money to be Beta testers? Hardware should be spot on before release.
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  3. Pewterlocks
    Like you I have bought Fiio products and do love the sound, not the flaky UI and sometimes hardware which I would think after numerous daps over the years they should have most if not all issues fixed by now,

    In my defence, my version of " fanboy" is someone who thinks that a "whatever" has zero faults, zero issues, and that all the other "whatevers" are crap.
    I do not think I have come across any of that here
  4. Pesplayer
    Well I think that is a fair and proportional reply. There certainly are issues,there are definitely faults,and there is no question in my mind that Fiio are less than impressive at addressing. I accept,respect,that viewpoint. I have,or have had,other daps,Astell and Kern,Hiby,Sony,Pioneer...and I still prefer Fiio. There are strengths and weaknesses in all these devices, fiio could learn so much from the UI of Hiby,Sony,or the aesthetics of Astell and Kern,but there is no doubt they are taking this onboard step by step. The M11 highlights this,they are listening if not communicating. Of course sound quality is the primary consideration and I do think fiio nail this. Very subjective of course.
  5. Sonic Defender Contributor
    It is entirely possible (although I can't know) that FiiO takes returned units back from resellers so we can't know exactly what happens. Yes, in cases that are clearly hardware issues, I agree that if validated it would be desirable for FiiO to replace the unit, but again, I have no knowledge as to why or why not this doesn't happen.
  6. Tuneslover
    I have owned the X5ii since it came out and that's when I discovered that FiiO is quick to launch new products that generally have glitches that require constant firmware updates. Product support (to correct the issues with their products) tends to only be in the short term and then after a year or two they announce that no further product support will occur. That's extremely bad especially since they abandon their product (AND THEIR CUSTOMERS) before they completely fix the unresolved issues with the player.

    Having read much of this thread and seeing the comments made by fellow Head-fiers it seems like FiiO hasn't changed their business practices. Extremely disappointing that the philosophy hasn't changed.
  7. Tuneslover
    People that might be interested in buying a FiiO DAP SHOULD understand that it generally sounds great BUT also know that they are buying a product that will be experience annoying glitches and issues that may (or mostly likely will not) be ever be resolved then go ahead and buy one.
  8. Tuneslover
    Too bad FiiO includes so many features that don't work properly. They should issue a basic DAP that does what you (and many others) want, namely play music excellently and provide basic functionality free from hardware & firmware problems. Scrap all of the poorly functioning crap that are simply bells & whistles that are nothing more than an annoyance.
  9. Brooko Contributor
    Can you list "what doesn't work properly"?

    I know the search function doesn't work the way some people want it to and some characters are displayed incorrectly. Typically I don't use search - I know my music intimately (around 550 albums last count), and I have the folder set-up so that I can go to artist and album in seconds if required.

    So what else doesn't work? I hear a lot of complaints from a few people - I just don't ever experience them. But I'd like to understand .......
  10. Tuneslover
    Random Play. I thought this problem was going to be fixed through another firmware update, instead they announced the end of support for the X5ii.
  11. Brooko Contributor
    I said list - but what’s wrong with random play? It works for me.
  12. morndewey
    I presented a list at least twice. And added other items. Like three posts later someone was like ‘Can someone list the issues?’ I don’t get it. And I’ll add another item: M9 produced zero sound even though it displayed as playing. Reboot ok after. I don’t reckon myself among those stridently commenting but I am annoyed by an update promised months ago undelivered.
  13. Brooko Contributor
    Thanks - went back through your posts. Seem to be a summary as follows:
    • album art in tile view mode (FiiO was working with you on this? Did you get resolution?)
    • poor battery life (this is a relative term - if you come from Sony, it'll be less. Coming from other DAPs it'll be normal or even better than some. Not a thing which is inherently wrong with the player as such)
    • imprecise volume dial (again relative to what you have been using - I guess. I personally have no issue with it)
    • Bluetooth glitches (happens with most DAPs - sadly. Depends on hardware you sending to also)
    • Over sensitive external buttons (agree with this)
    • Stability of FiiO music app appears to diminish in proportion to the length of time M9 is left on without restart or reboot (can you elaborate on how long you leaving it on between reboots? I don't see this - but then again, I turn mine off if I'm not using it)
    • Persistent album art display issues in grid view (I guess this is where we differ - I use it to play music, and while I have album art engaged - its not something I tend to get overly engaged with)
    • Furthermore, key lock settings become unengaged/deactivate when player hasn’t been used for several hours (have seen this - but simple swipe to re-engage always fixes it. Again [personally] if I'm not using it for several hours, I turn it off)
    I guess it points again to different use profiles.

    I understand how the small things can become annoying though.
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  14. gLer
    Great summary this, and like you @Brooko I never experienced any of these issues while owning the M9. In fact I found it to be a very capable player IF it matches your use profile. I also keep my albums quite limited and selected, and generally use folder view (although with the M11 I'm finding myself using album view more often simply because it's so fast and intuitive). The issues I personally had with the M9 is speed - or lack thereof - compared to most modern devices, but that's not necessarily a flaw because with a little reading you'd know it's not meant to be a speed demon. I would say FiiO tried to cram too many features in to it and didn't back them up with adequate hardware, so users buying it to use those features (like WiFi streaming) will understandably end up very disappointed when they discover they can't stream Tidal to their LDAC BT headphones at the same time. What killed it for me was the piss-poor WiFi range and limited WiFi support (again, it's in the specs, but still...), and the fact that I couldn't get Plex to run because of the whitelisting. I had no issues with the sound or general performance, and music playback was stellar, but if you need a bit more flexibility, there are MUCH better daps around for not much more money (M11 anyone?).
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  15. morndewey
    And these issues, generally speaking, typify majority of complaints on this thread. Issues I summarized are admittedly minor in comparison. If I had bought this device for streaming I’d likely be plenty upset, but I didn’t as I don’t stream. My complaints are more of a polishing the edges variety for which I always assumed updates are meant. Users have a right to expect this. The other stuff represents fundamental problems, methinks. Bottom line, users have a right to expect a product to reliably perform as advertised.
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