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FiiO M9 , Android based Hi-Res smart DAP with 3.5/2.5 powerful output|AKM4490 X2 |WiFi|aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/HWA(LHDC)|USB DAC|USB AUDIO OUT

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by JamesFiiO, Aug 10, 2018.
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  1. Pesplayer
    I have bought fiio for several years and will continue to do so. I have also bought Astell and Kern and Pioneer and found fiio to be the best overall package. But your point is valid. The device has to be judged by how it was marketed and clearly stable WiFi is a prerequisite to meet expectations. My device is fine although I rarely need it as I don’t stream. Yours isn’t,others have the same issue,fiio should have sorted. And their customer service? Sometimes excellent,sometimes non existent and that is not good enough.
  2. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Yes, those are indeed fair points. I do think that it is reasonable of people to want better wifi (for those with issues) additionally, people should feel the support is there and addressing their concerns in a reasonable manner. I really agree with the substance of your previous post as it echoes what I was attempting to communicate, which is that the M9 while imperfect is still an outstanding device all things being considered and for those who it does not meet their needs and or expectations, hopefully they can simply return it and find something that better suits them.
  3. Pewterlocks
  4. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Just because some people feel that FiiO has produced solid, well featured, with issues, DAPs, that doesn't make them fan boys. And may I ask how it is that you know that "most owners aren't satisfied"? I have no doubt that many aren't perfectly satisfied as I follow many threads, but my impression would be that most are happy enough, a smaller group love their DAPs and have no complaints, some enjoy them but have a few issues that make them not quite as happy as they believe they should be, and the smallest group seem to feel taken advantage of, forgotten, completely displeased and would not recommend the products. That is a rough kind of breakdown, my impression is that there is a range of experiences and FiiO seems to be getting better each time and learning. Is there more learning and work for them? Absolutely, but I still personally think FiiO produces solid gear and my time with the M9 was quite positive, but I am not a power user in the sense that my usage is quite vanilla, I play music and listen.
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  5. gLer
    The vocal minority is always the loudest. Way of the world :)
  6. Brooko Contributor
    Not a fan boy - and don't like being labeled as one. Also I have experience with a lot of older DAPs where the functionality was terrible - so my view of what's good is likely different to others. I also probably have a different use scenario to many. I mostly use my own purchased music, don't use search a lot, do shuffle, use few playlists. I also have meticulously tagged libraries. For me the F9 just works. I have no issues with it.
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  7. Pesplayer
    Me too. And that is because you are using it as it was designed. I use in a similar way,with a 400 go sd card with a very large library on it. I have several daps and this one is just for playing music,main function of any dap,and it’s excellent. I use it mainly with Bluetooth aptx hd out and about,and for this it’s as good as you get.
  8. dharmasteve
    I'm obviously lucky. My WiFi does not drop. Bluetooth APTX-HD and LDAC work perfectly. Both single ended and balanced output are perfect. Streaming Spotify at its highest bitrates is perfect. With the app hacks I can stream over WiFi in very high quality to my HiFi. I do sympathise with those who have WiFi problems it must be very frustrating and unfair. Quality control must be dubious at Samsung processor level. You count and it's not right that FiiO won't help you more, or least find out more.
    Purely personally for me the hardware is good and I get the best of use from the M9. FiiO as a company leave something to be desired, support wise, in my opinion. Firmware update promised in April and now in July it's still purely an imaginary update. Where is it? Not on the M9 that's for sure.
  9. Pewterlocks
    @Brooko,@Sonic Defender. 1)never labeled you or anyone else by name as a fanboy, so why you would take offense is beyond me, unless?
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion as decreed by your first amendment.
    2nd) I was specifically writing about the M9, other Daps are a moot point.
    3rd) I get my opinions thru the same sources as you do, again this is MY opinion.Just like you think that most are satisfied,I do not we agree to disagree.
    4) as for Fiio or any other company that has been around for awhile. The still learning part is getting really old, when they have produced as many Daps as said companies have, not only should they have gotten it right they should always be working right out of the box, not having bug fixes(QA anyone), hardware issues for the most part are not resolved as they more often then not start with the next " new and wonderful" to bedazzle us with. When was the last time that a firmware release was done for a Dap that has been in market for more than 1 year, be hard pressed to find one
    5)It should not be left for the consumers to be the QA team.
    6) should not be so hard to arrange for service within the warranty period, or the cost of shipping should bot fall up on the consumer. For the most part I have not had to pay for the shipping fees under warranty.
    7)If you advertise certain features in a product, wouldn't it be an idea to ensure they work?
    Lastly I have always enjoyed my Fiio daps, despite imperfections. But I do not have the cash or want to be purchasing yet another dap that I have to hack or use someone else's FW as the stock is not good and in the end still not good.

    I did not mean to offend anyone, if I did I am truly sorry.
    This is just my opinion no better or no worse then anyone else
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019
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  10. Brooko Contributor
    If you don’t want people to take offence - stop with the labels. Some of us (and I would think that could be a large number of people) are happy with the product and price/performance ratio.

    That doesn’t mean everyone is happy, and for their differing usage cases, many will have valid points for their displeasure with FiiO. But I wouldn’t label them as agitators - the same as you shouldn’t label us generally as fan-boys.
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  11. Pewterlocks
  12. Typhoon1944
    It's interesting that Fiio are conspicuous by their absence.
  13. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I wouldn't join into this type of conversation as a company either, it is a no win situation. FiiO, in my opinion, just needs to continue to produce excellent if imperfect products and to continually strive to do better in the areas that their customers tell them they need to work at. My main argument and the last time I will bother to say it is that FiiO has clearly gotten much better overall and no rationale person can deny that their products are excellent values, even taking in faults etc.

    This is just the reality of product development and the M9 and M11, for instance both have issues, but they are still very, very good and you would have to be blind to not see much of the past feedback that FiiO received has been acted upon, so clearly they are not just trying, they are doing. And I for one think they are on the right path and I have zero doubt that they will continue to try and improve.

    Saying that, for some peoples needs and desires, the efforts may not align with expectations. That is life.
  14. bujinkan
    so i have a problem
    fiio has internal storage 2gb and my sd 128 gb
    on my spotify settings i have the download destination to the sd of course
    but the internal storage gets full when i download spotify songs
    Any idea?
  15. Pesplayer
    I think the conversation is going nowhere although good points have been made. I do sympathise withe point re customer service,and I do agree that fiio rush products out that mandate firmwear updates. Go back to the x7 first generation. It was a naffing nightmare until several updates in,and then it became,and still is,an excellent dap. In truth I have never owned the perfect dap,from any company but that is partly because of the fast paced development that this competitive market is driving. I am not a fan boy but remain impressed with fiio products. I am actually quite proud to own both the M9 and M11,they give me pleasure which is what it is all about. And,at their respective price points,believe they are the best out there. My experience with fiio products means I will continue to buy fiio,but not blindly,I am a floating voter voting on issues rather than tunnelled vision loyalty. The author received zero customer support and yes,they would lose that vote. But that hasn’t happened to me and I have bought many fiio products for several years.
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