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FiiO M6 || Ultra-Portable Inexpensive Smart Hi-Res Player || Wi-Fi || AirPlay || FiiO Link || USB DAC || USB audio out || aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/HWA/SBC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by FiiO, Dec 12, 2018.
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  1. nanotechnos

    actually you're half-right. FiiO doesn't have the Apple Music application in its whitelist, but you can still install it.
    It works but it's not perfectly reliable, for example on mine it shows me TWO KKBOX instead of one :D (see my caps below)

    Strangely the player is fully operational for Airplay, but FiiO isn't supporting Apple music completely yet.
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  2. ArlakTheRecluse
    Strange, but acceptable to me! Apple Music is something that's nice to have for me, so I can just jump in like how I am used to with my iPhone.
  3. greenflash
    Well that's very interesting if (some) apps work even if not whitelisted. A sort of graylist I'd say. Wish I had the m6 already to sideload stuff
  4. greenflash
    Yeah ever since my Nexus 6P phone broke (used it with a FiiO KI tiny USB DAC and my Sennheiser PX100II) I'm anxious trying to find a good music solution for the commute. I'll keep using the PX100II so i'm testing a couple of options, one is the M6, another one is the FiiO BTR1K, a Bluetooth DAC that I plan to hook on to the PX100II. Wireless is cool but so far all I heard and the little I've tested myself, it's been quite disappointing (specially if you're on a tight budget); let's see if the BTR1K (due to receive it soon) is any good in actual everyday use.
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  5. cleg
    yep, Bandcamp is whitelisted (bought recent Wardruna album today), but no Apple Music yet

    Usually I'm getting 11 hours or so, depending on load and files format/resolution. But I think I need to make test later, after few more battery cycles
  6. ArlakTheRecluse
    How long does the battery take to charge?
  7. cleg
    sorry, didn't measured that yet, I usually left DAPs charging overnight
    fiio mentionad <2.5 hors on their site, I think it'll be close to truth, they are usually pretty consistent in their specs
  8. ArlakTheRecluse
    Sounds good. This seems ideal for my use case, I’ll likely save up for it so I can get back into audio gear.
  9. HupieRocks
    How did you get this to work if I may ask? I've tried several verified apk's, several versions of Apple Music untill 2.6.1 but apk's did not install.
  10. eclein
    Headphonia reviewed the M6 and said its a no brainer, gave it 5 full stars!
  11. ArlakTheRecluse
    Keep in mind the star rating at the end is actually based on community votes.
  12. ArlakTheRecluse
    Quick question: how do you update the software? Is it an easy process or is it a pain to do?
  13. greenflash
    It seems to support OTA Updates which is great (having WIFI it was to be expected, though). I expect them to be easier than the usual process.

    In the video they show the screen, it's in the "Technical Support" area.

    Video link and capture:

    Last edited: Jan 8, 2019
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  14. ArlakTheRecluse
    Thank you!
  15. diazign
    I've also experienced this bug. In Spanish there are names as "Dënver" or "Último", and those characters with ´ or ¨ are often replaced by Chinese characters. It happens only under "Fiio Music" app; if I go to the folder via "File Management", those names are correctly written.

    Great product.

    Last edited: Jan 8, 2019
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