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FiiO M6 || Ultra-Portable Inexpensive Smart Hi-Res Player || Wi-Fi || AirPlay || FiiO Link || USB DAC || USB audio out || aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/HWA/SBC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by FiiO, Dec 12, 2018.
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  1. Winterheim
  2. cleg
    My video about M6

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  3. Peter Hyatt
  4. ArlakTheRecluse
    Just finished the video. I think I'll take the M6 over the Hiby R3, due to it being cheaper and having the ability to listen using my primary apps (Apple Music, I think I heard Bandcamp being on there).
    Thanks for the review!
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  5. HupieRocks
    The reviewer on Headfonia mentions that the M6 also sports Apple Music app, but it does not. My number 1 feature wish for the M6 would be Apple Music App whitelisted though.
    That would make the M6 just absolutely perfect (for me).
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  6. greenflash
    Yep it sounded weird to me too, didn't see it in other reviews. The official source for the whitelisted apk (and the download links from fiio itself) seems to be this one:
  7. tronth
    How good is the battery life? I noticed that in just 30 min battery dropped more than 10%
  8. steelgtr
    Did this get answered?


  9. greenflash
    Apple Music doesn't seem to be available at the moment. Not sure if a similar issue but the problem according to the video to run Google Music is that, well, you don't have Google Services (makes sense). KKBox, Netease and such are not available in my country, I'll stick to Spotify, maybe will join Tidal. Google Music would be my third option but I'll be alright with the other two. If you could have the 4 big ones (Spotify, Tidal, Apple and Google) that would be a super device indeed.
  10. steelgtr
    I'm confused. Can the FiiO's resume where you were listening to an audio book mp3 file?

  11. ArlakTheRecluse
    I thought that Apple Music was on there, thats unfortunate it isn't. I don't use it for streaming; I just am an iPhone user and have been using that in place of a DAP for a long while now.
  12. jason96
    It would be great if fiio whitelisted Apple music and SoundCloud
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  13. greenflash
    Understand. I'm using Android and my phone audio sucks (iPhone is much better imo) so going the alternate road. Maybe AirPlay will come in handy? You can airplay from your iPhone to the M6 and have the best of both worlds (using the iPhone Apple Music utility and listening in the M6)
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  14. greenflash
    Hi, in the quite detailed headfonia review they talk about the sound comparisons: https://www.headfonia.com/review-fiio-m6/3/

    Some bits:
    ".. In direct comparison, the FiiO M6 seems to give you better performances than the M7. The soundstage is wider, decay and sustain feels more natural, even if you don’t listen to them one after the other." and " (the M6 has).. Crisp mids, great vocals and overall the typical FiiO signature, in a smaller format. The FiiO M9 gives you better performances, thanks to its symmetrical output, but for the price the M6 is a great DAP. Frankly, it’s amazing to hear how much this device has evolved from the old FiiO X1 and X3…"
  15. ArlakTheRecluse
    Yeah that's the other reason why I am looking into it. Unfortunately ever since my OneMore Triple Drivers broke I have only had Jabra Elite 65t's, which are true wireless but w o a h it compresses literally everything that runs through it to the point of sounding worse than generic $30 IEMs. Not bad for running or casual listening, but not ideal for my music. For example Carpenter Brut's "You're Mine" from the FURI OST sounds as if you're running it through a filter to take any bass or instrumental separation out.
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