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FiiO M6-Ultra-Portable Inexpensive Smart Hi-Res Player, Wi-Fi, AirPlay, FiiO Link, USB DAC, USB audio out, aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/HWA/SBC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by FiiO, Dec 12, 2018.
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  1. Fox1304
    Tried to upgrade from the device itself, so I launched the download. A few moments later while I wasn't checking it powered of, and now when powering on I have a "Error!" message with the Android robot with its belly opened.
  2. Knov015
    pulsar doesnt play ALACs for me. the file is displayed as OCTET, and audio won't start. it has been the same since pulsar was first tested on the M6 a few months ago.

    I still have song stutters now and then; they are not as frequent as before, but it still happens.
  3. abitdeef
    The newest version on apkpure didn't work for me. I had to use the arm 7 version (not arm64 version) of version 2.07 3. Others may work, that's just the first one that did for me.

    Ok gotta do some work.
  4. McLambo
    DS Audio whitelisted... What a nice surprise!
  5. Daiyama
    As to be expected it will not be that easy with the white listed apps. :wink:
    But hey we now have plenty to play around with. :wink:

    I thought that white listed apps are going to be downloaded directly from the FiiO homepage?
    Are there any links for this?
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  6. Fox1304
    Same issue with local storage upgrade. @FiiO any idea ?
  7. mikp
    hold power and volume up to enter recovery
  8. dharmasteve
    Just the APK pure site. Very easy to download.
  9. Fox1304
    After a while the device reboots, mentions that the update failed, and prompts to start again. Can't update no matter the way I try.
  10. Daiyama
    Yes that is an option but as it looks like with the neutron app, you have to find the right version which works.
    Downloaded directly from the FiiO site should give one the version of the app which was tested by FiiO and therefore white listed.
    That is what a whitelist is for in my opinion, otherwise they could have simply stated "Hey guys, go to the apkpure site and try any app you like".
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  11. HiFlight
    Update via "over-the-air " worked just fine for me. Took about 30 minutes total with my slowish Wi-Fi.
  12. mikp
    package rename works, so got to install some apps like
    Podcast Guru - A No Ads Player, imported opml file and seems to work and saves podcasts on sd card.

    Too bad @junkdeck solution does not work after fw update.

    Now time to compare to the r3, had to share that one the last months.
  13. greenflash
    Wow good news! Been away a bit. So glad they added a lot to the whitelist! I found that the ones I tested and liked are there (SambaPlayer, NewPipe, VLC, Pulsar, Neutron) so I'm glad the time spent paid off. Thanks FiiO :)
    Yeah apk versions can be a tricky thing. I'm sure FiiO will update https://fiio.com/newsinfo/91534.html with the new APKs they verified.

    Meanwhile we can tell here which ones did work for us.
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  14. dharmasteve
    Interesting that we can now use the Newpipe app. Newpipe can force youtube video into landscape mode. Am watching a video in landscape right now but somehow the brightness cannot be increased. Good anyway because you can listen to all the youtube stuff.
  15. greenflash
    Important Notice about MediaMonkey:

    As I had reported (or didn't I?) to FiiO the last version of MediaMonkey that seems to work fine in M6 is 1.1.3.
    After that they seem to have a dependency on Google Services that won't let you really use the app.

    This apk seems to work fine, as per my previous tests:
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