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FiiO M6-Ultra-Portable Inexpensive Smart Hi-Res Player, Wi-Fi, AirPlay, FiiO Link, USB DAC, USB audio out, aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/HWA/SBC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by FiiO, Dec 12, 2018.
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  1. salla45
    I would have agreed with you a year or so back. I have Chord Mojo which is a great DAC, recognised as being one of the best in class and then some.

    Honestly I am preferring the M11 at the moment. It's got the edge in terms of separation of instruments, imho.

    I have also the V30 which is a great phone in it's own right with the Sabre "quad" dac built in. But the M11 is just better.

    Sorry for off topic, Ill not post further about the M11.
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  2. abitdeef
    I agree, I had topping n4x dsd, mojo, and ifi xdsd and the m11 sounds better than all of them to me. Only thing that compares that I've heard is ak sp1000 and ibasso dx220. Sp1000 is too much cash and ibasso dx220 is too sluggish for me.

    Anyways back to m6
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  3. fish1050
    If I didn't have my home system for critical listening then the M11 would make sense as a home option. But the size for portability doesn't really fit as much as I would love to get one. Maybe next gen M series in smaller size with similar hardware will be my next DAP upgrade.

    On another note, assuming Samsung wants to go with another wearable class processor from Samsung next time around the replacement for the Exynos 7270 is the Exynos 9110. Smaller still at 10nM process vs 14nM for the 7270. Similar specs but a higher performance chip for sure and the smaller process should mean an improvement in battery life. Used in the new Samsung Galaxy watch and a decent option if Fiio wants to keep the next M series updated models around the same size and price. Should be interesting to see which way Fiio goes in the future
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  4. big joe
    Quick handful of questions for any M6 owners

    1) Does the M6 read the "Disc Number" metadata and sort with it?
    2) How responsive is the touch screen?
    3) Is gapless playback supported with FLAC, ALAC, MP3, and AAC files?

  5. dfung
    @FiiO - Can the M6 or another FiiO product can simultaneously connect wirelessly between a smartphone and IEM (with Bluetooth set)?
    Via all bluetooth between the DAP or DAC/AMP + smartphone + bluetooth IEM?

    I mostly listen to YouTube and Audible and need my phone by my side most of the time.

    I'm kind of an active guy. So keeping all wireless is very important to me.
  6. cristox
    So why do you need a m6?
    Just connect your headphones to your smartphone.
    You will not have any benefits of "amping" with all Bluetooth.
  7. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    No. It could not work as a transmitor and a receiver at the same time.

    Best regards
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  8. dr. ego
    This would not improve the audio quality and is pretty pointless. Bluetooth iems will do the digital to analogue conversion, so all a Bluetooth dac paired with bluetooth iems would do, is at best create worst latency.
  9. Claypole
    Has any body been having trouble using the M6 as a Bluetooth DAC?

    I have my M6 connected my HiFi using a cable and set to Line Out, and use an Android tablet connected to the M6 using the Bluetooth DAC mode. It appears to connect ok, tells me I'm connected for audio, and the screen on the M6 changes to "BT Sink Mode (I'm not sure why it's spelled like that!).

    However, when I go to play music, nothing. I then have to disconnect the Bluetooth, and try again, sometimes several times. Eventually it works, but it just took me about 20 minutes of faffing about to get it going. When it does decide to start working, it stays working, the connection is good, and sounds great using LDAC.

    Perhaps this issue is down to the tablet more than the M6, but it's pretty tedious.

    Also, when I realised the M6 could be used as a Bluetooth DAC, I thought this would be good for boosting the audio of movies on my tablet, ideal for flights. However, the audio is unfortunately delayed, rendering the function useless.

    Specs, sound quality, price, and form factor tick all the boxes with this device, but for me it's let down by too many niggles and limitations. I'd like to think Fiio are working to fix all the niggles, but I can't help thinking they are focusing on getting more apps whitelisted.
  10. cristox
    First problem is really a problem.

    Second problem makes no sense.
    Normally you connect your bt phones directly to your tablet. Ok.
    Now you are trying to put the m6 in the middle.
    This has no benefit at all.
    The DAC and amp is always within the bt headphones. The m6 does nothing positive for the sound in this scenario.

    Only if the M6 delivers a better BT codec than the tablet like LDAC or Aptxhd, which must be understood by the BT headphones as well, there will be a better sound.
    If everything is the same codec wise, the Bluetooth chip in the M6 may be better, but this gain in sound is marginally.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2019
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  11. dharmasteve

    I had the similar to you with the M6 connected to my HiFi . Sometimes the sink mode (means bluetooth mode) would come up as SBC sink mode even when set to LDAC and it took a few attempts to get the LDAC sink mode mode running to my HiFi. So I bought the FiiO BTR 3 and use the M6 as a transmitter to the BTR3 as an LDAC receiver which is hooked up to my HiFi
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2019
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  12. magnificientako
    I have some requests from the Fiio myself:

    1. volume adjustment without pushing physical buttons.( like nw-a45 )
    2. Extra gestures and extra notification center buttons/shortcuts for touch screen.( like screen locking, wake up, power off, restart, mute etc.)
    3. An alternative player or parametric eq addition Fiio music.(No sound enhancement except eq)
    4. It needs various modification which will increase the battery life.

    There should be a difference to this player using android.Honestly, if I knew this would be such a restricted device, I would go and buy a hi res bluetooth amplifier.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2019
  13. Daiyama
    It looks like they only information about the M6 you had prior to buying was „Android based...“.
    It is always good to make an informed decision, this reduces the possibilities of disappointments.
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  14. magnificientako
    You're right. But the things I want are not big things except battery.I'm not hopeful about the battery.
  15. mikp
    anyone tried APK Easy Tool to resign apks and make them work?
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