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FiiO M6-Ultra-Portable Inexpensive Smart Hi-Res Player, Wi-Fi, AirPlay, FiiO Link, USB DAC, USB audio out, aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/HWA/SBC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by FiiO, Dec 12, 2018.
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  1. davidcotton
    If they announce smart audioplayer as white listed I would probably get one. Using hiby r6 at work but bit big and would prefer something smaller.
  2. stonesfan129
    So I had a chance to play around with it on my drive back from Milwaukee. Pretty sweet player. Couple of questions:

    1) Which wireless protocol are you guys using? I ran aptx-HD, never had any dropouts. But my Toyota's speakers aren't as good as the ones in my VW were.
    2) Is there any way to do a true "line out" with wireless/bluetooth the same as if I connected through the headphone out?
  3. superuser1
    No FW update still?
  4. salla45
    1+, @FiiO could we please know when the update is forecast? Clearly there is a delay, perhaps we could know a little further?

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  5. Claypole
    I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure all Bluetooth protocols use lossy compression, so whatever codec you choose, it won’t be the same as connecting via a lead and using line out.

    If you’re using aptx-HD in your car with no problems, then I would say stick with that. A car isn’t a great environment to listen to music to start with, and and it sounds like your speakers a bit of a limiting factor too. You could try connecting using LDAC, if your car supports it, but I would doubt you would notice any difference. In fact you could possibly use a lower quality codec than aptx-HD and not notice any difference.

    If I’m using a Bluetooth speaker,or connecting a device wirelessly in the car, then I’m not too fussed at what codec I’m using. If i’m borrowing the wife’s Sony Bluetooth headphones, then I’ll use aptx-HD. It seems to work fine and sounds great. LDAC in the M6 can be a bit flaky at times anyway...

    If I’m using the M6 at home, then I will use line out and connect to my hifi. This gives the very best sound quality. I think the main reason why it sounds so good is because when using line out, I’m using the M6’s DAC, which is where all the magic happens.

    When using Bluetooth in the car, the digital to analogue conversion is done by the receiving sound system, which will probably more of a limiting factor than choosing a slightly lossy codec.
    Last edited: May 31, 2019
  6. bachankas
    Did someone compare Fiio M6 to Shanling's DAPs? I have Shanling M3s which is great, but I am considering something smaller for Fiio FA1.
    I need a DAP with at least 12h of battery life (the more the better), ReplayGain and gapless playback (at least FLAC files).

    M3s with FA1 has nice synergy. Since I bought FA1 and sold MEE P1 I do not demand so powerful DAP as M3s. So slightly less power with better battery life would be amazing.
    M6 looks like optimal DAP, but I would like to know opinions about sound.
  7. vonBurg

    I'm thinking about getting the Fiio M6 plus Fiio Q5s but, because I am afraid that the m6 is too slow, I was wondering if it would be possible to control the M6 via Airplay and the m6 would send the LDAC signal to the Q5s, I mean, using the M6 as a bridge that improves the signal between the iPhone and the Q5s, is that possible? thanks!

    another option is to merge m6 with q5s and buy the m11 directly but not sure about this way yet...
  8. HiFlight
    Perhaps consider the Cowan Plenue D2 as it has 25-35 hours of play per charge, and according to specs, supports gapless and replay gain.
  9. fish1050
    First crash with my M7,

    Just had to do my first hard reset with my M7 (hold power and play button for 10 seconds). The player reset and seems fine now but I was a little shocked as it has not given me any problems since I first got it. Was wondering how common it is to have to hard reset the M series players.
  10. Omegart
    If you don't mind loosing netease and use a third party app you can install Pulsar
  11. HiFlight
    I followed these instructions shortly after receiving my M6 and found it to be a very nice, intuitive music player. No complaints at all.
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  12. fish1050
    I have the M7 not the M6, you can't install additional apps on the M7. This is why I really need Fiio to finally fix the issues with the Fiio Music Player.
  13. eclein
    I got my M6 shortly after release and put white listed Spotify on it. The M6 is still going strong but Spotify is really slow and needs update, do you guys know if a new version of Spotify is available?
    Is there a link?
  14. HiFlight
    You will need to download the current .apk file, copy it to a micro SD card and install it on your M6 using the File Manager. Of course you would want to uninstall the outdated version first. The Spotify app updates frequently so you will likely never have the most up-to-date version unless you want to do this over and over.
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  15. eclein
    Can you provide link to apk file I can't find it anywhere.
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