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FiiO M6-Ultra-Portable Inexpensive Smart Hi-Res Player, Wi-Fi, AirPlay, FiiO Link, USB DAC, USB audio out, aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/HWA/SBC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by FiiO, Dec 12, 2018.
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  1. Claypole
    Ok, cheers. I haven’t yet managed to “wake” the device from deep sleep yet, I only ever find it still in, or completely off. I will check this timeouts...
  2. HiFlight
    I guess I am a bit dense, but I copied the downloaded apk to my sd card, inserted it into the M6 where it shows up using the File Manager but I get no install option when I check it. Only the usual copy, move create rename, etc. How do I actually install it?

    EDIT!!! Apparently my first download was corrupt as I downloaded several other whitelisted apps along with the modded Pulsar again and all installed (and work) perfectly.
    Last edited: May 17, 2019
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  3. Zelda
    Added some impressions of the DD C-M6 case for the Fiio M6 on the original review. Re-posting here below as well:

    DD Electronics - C-M6 - PU Leather Case for Fiio M6

    m6-c (15).jpg

    The Fiio M6 has quickly become one of my favorite DAPs for daily portable use. Fiio haven't released a specific case for the M6, so I found one at the DD Electronics store. After exchanging a few emails directly with a Fiio representative, they kindly arranged a sample of the M6 case (along with another Fiio product- to be reviewed soon). DD carries a few accessories for other Fiio's products and various cables and interconnectors too.

    Links: DD Electronics website and the Aliexpress store.

    The price is $16 and can be purchased from the Aliexpress site here.

    m6-c (1).jpg

    m6-c (2).jpg

    m6-c (3).jpg
    The case arrives in a very simple cardboard box conveniently arranged with a plastic foam inside. Nothing fancy and actually matches the own Fiio packaging with their simplistic and discreet packaging. The only extras you get with the case are a few of 'Hi-Res Audio' stickers to attach to back of the case (not that it will improve the quality anyway).

    m6-c (4).jpg

    m6-c (5).jpg

    m6-c (6).jpg

    m6-c (7).jpg

    The case is available only in black color which fits well the own M6 player color. Quality of materials seems to be durable enough, at least for the price. Haven't used for more than two weeks as to comment much about the durability in the long run, though, but it works properly to give a better grip on the device and adds the necessary protection over the included stock PU case that arrives with the M6 itself.

    m6-c (8).jpg

    m6-c (9).jpg

    m6-c (10).jpg
    The case is made by multiple layers of different materials. The outer cover is logically all PU leather - no real leather to be found at this budget prices but still gives a nicer look to the player in addition to the better protection. The inner layer is made of a fabric material with a soft and very smooth finishing. A more important feature is the middle layer that holds a steel plate for the back part of the player; it is thin enough to maintain the light weight of the M6 player but also adds the best protection for it.

    m6-c (11).jpg

    m6-c (12).jpg
    The shape matches perfectly well the design of the M6 with rounded corners. Like the stock PU case, the C-M6 case has no openings for the 3 playback side buttons or for the micro SD slot, but of course it has the hole for the Type-C USB port at the bottom. The left side still has 3 marks for each of the buttons that can be discerned without looking at the player, and fortunately does not affect the sensitivity; in fact, it works as good as without the case and even a bit better than with the stock case. The fit is very tight and needs some effort to remove the M6 from it. It is a good thing but will make it tedious to remove the now concealed micro SD card if you tend to that too often.

    m6-c (14).jpg
    The front side is completely open revealing the whole small touch screen of the player, but there is still the extra layer around the corners so it is only possible to remove the player from the upper opening. As can be seen there is an extra metal ring added to the back of the case so can be easily attached to a lanyard or clothes. It is attached by a single piece of PU leather material and the only weak point of the whole case.

    m6-c (13).jpg
    Overall, this case works neatly for the price. It is more convenient than the included plastic case, gives a better grip and more importantly adds the needed protection.
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  4. HiFlight
    I have this case for my M6 and given the very modest cost, it is a no-brainer addition to enhance the protection as well as the appearance of the M6. So far, I am quite impressed with the M6. WiFi reception is quite strong and the streaming apps (Tidal, Spotify, TuneIn and Amazon Music are working flawlessly.
  5. greenflash
    Good review! I have it but I don't use it now. It looks very classy, and yeah it's way tight, that is a minus. On the other hand as some indicated here it's desirable to protect the screen. I ended up buying a new Blackberry case and it fits incredibly well!
  6. greenflash
    Good to know! Enjoy :)
  7. HiFlight
    I don't see any blue light on the power button.
  8. secretsubscriber
    Is there anywhere to download the apk for the fiio m6 web browser? I mistakenly uninstalled it.

  9. HiFlight
    Which app exactly did you uninstall? I don't think a web browser is included as delivered. Do you mean by chance the File Manager?
    Last edited: May 20, 2019
  10. greenflash
    I think you were using ES File Explorer
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  11. secretsubscriber
    Greenflash must be right and the browser is in ES File Explorer.
    I use a couple fo wifi hotspots that require opening a browser and confirming the connection. The page is opened by tapping on a notification. The notification must have opened a browser window through ES File Explorer. Recently it hasn't been working and i thought i deleted something because I did clear out a bunch of apps i wasn't using.
  12. Zelda
    curious. What's that Blackberry case?
  13. greenflash
    IMG_20190314_151857550.jpg This is it. For some old traditional BB model (curve?). It fits like a glove, the M6 is inside (with the transparent protector)
  14. fish1050
    I actually have the M7, the led on the power button is blue when on and red when charging. I just assumed the M6 was the same, been awhile since I demoed the M6. I would think the deep sleep functionality would be the same on both but maybe I am wrong.

    I guess an M6 user will need to tackle this question then.
  15. Zelda
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