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FiiO M6-Ultra-Portable Inexpensive Smart Hi-Res Player, Wi-Fi, AirPlay, FiiO Link, USB DAC, USB audio out, aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/HWA/SBC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by FiiO, Dec 12, 2018.
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  1. dharmasteve
    I haven't tested the Samsung apk file on my back up phone. You are probably right, it's a more complex app and is maybe a bit too much for the M6. A question for you? When I use Spotify, as long as I am running a little app on my phone called HiFy (paid version), then Spotify recognises my WiFi receiver from the Spotify app on the M6, and the WiFi receiver is connected too my amp and speakers, so I can play from the M6 remotely to my HiFi. How difficult would it be for FiiO to build something similar into their music app, or even build in simple casting? When I bought the M6 and the blurb said the M6 supported WiFi streaming I just automatically thought it meant both transmitting and receiving just like Bluetooth does, so I was a little surprised when it could not cast. Of course that is app dependent, so although the FiiO app has DLNA, it's not in the context of recognising my WiFi receiver which streams both Airplay and DLNA. That's not a game changer because all sorts of Bluetooth codecs work well, although they all mean some compression which my ears notice. So I much prefer the sound WiFi produces rather than Bluetooth as the highs sound much cleaner with an uncompressed stream. If you are aware of any little music app that has built in casting and that works OK on the M6 I would be really happy if you could let me know.
    Last edited: May 1, 2019
  2. greenflash
    Hi Steve, here a wireless freak too. Interesting app! I have an old Yamaha receiver without Spotify Connect (that's the Spotify receiver "service", new ones have it already).
    Casting usually works thru some specialized app in Android, a stellar one is Hi-Fi Cast (tried in in the M6.. works only in an old version, because of.. google services)

    Building this into the FiiO Music App might be demanding, and maybe too stressful for the app. A Separate app would do better, maybe.

    HiFi cast eventually *does* work (see below) but then it has hiccups (DLNA might be to blame). It would be great to whitelist it in the M6 but.. the thing is that it will only work for an old APK (I'm getting the Google Services warning in this one, but goes on, newer ones will kick you out); also probably because of no google services, it can't cast to Chromecast. VLC does it; but only to Chromecast Video. So that's why I didn't recommend it directly to FiiO.

    To be honest, I've given up myself on this mostly, I'm quite happy with a good quality receiver like BTR3 in the middle :wink:

    upload_2019-5-1_21-35-26.png upload_2019-5-1_21-35-49.png upload_2019-5-1_21-36-25.png
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  3. dharmasteve
    It's pretty important to be able to transmit wifi from a DAP. Hard to understand why FiiO don't grasp that and whitelist an app. I use Hi-Fi Cast on my phone, the paid version, and it's a very well thought out app and recognises my WiFi receiver. Sadly as you say the version I have is Google Services dependent. Shame that FiiO can't see the benefits of WiFi in, WiFi out. I've mainly surrendered to a APTX HD receiver, which sounds good, but WiFi is HiFi and Bluetooth is not. It's fairly easy to hear the differences when I set the WiFi and Bluetooth receivers up together, so that I can switch between them. The BTR3 is good but doesn't have a dedicated line out just a headphone out. How good will that be connected to a HiFi?
    If you come across a HiFi Cast version that works it would be fantastic.
  4. greenflash
    I've used the inferior BTR1K (APTX at most, no LDAC) and it works fine connected as LO to my Marantz amp. Should be the same with the BTR3, the output is supposed to be ready for both things, LO/PO right?
    Now I really can't compare it with the Chromecast option (well I could but I'm too lazy and my ears are.. lazy too? lol). But yeah, it all indicates that even if BT is now at its best, still can't compete with WIFI (Chromecast, DLNA)

    Now, I stand corrected about VLC, now it did recognize my Chromecast audio as well. Works fine. But it won't detect the DLNA Yamaha (no support it seems).

    Also neither Tidal nor Spotify do detect the Chromecasts.. I bet it's the lack of Google Services.. Don't know how VLC does it hehe but surely uses some alternative.
  5. dharmasteve
    Sleep intervened because of UK time. There is no switch on the BTR3 to go from headphone out to line out. I have used it as a receiver for my HiFi and it is OK and I am a great fan of LDAC, but my ears do notice the difference as WiFi gives noticably better highs. Used with IEMs is the BTR3's forte.One of the things I have noticed is that playing High Res local files as Flac from the M6 to any Bluetooth receive codec does not sound as good as standard low Res MP3 files playing through my WiFi receiver. High Res files through compressed Bluetooth is a bit of an oxymoron.
    Last edited: May 3, 2019
  6. tronth
    So, I am going to buy a new micro sd, guys, is it better to put it empty on the M6 and use mediamonkey to sync or to just dump my music files into the sd and insert it into the m6?
  7. tjl5709
    My preference. Its just faster.
    Format card in unit.
    Pull card and load directly via a USB card reader.
    Once loaded you can then use MM to manage tweeks and changes.
  8. spookygonk
    M6 is technically still working, though it's only playing Mumford & Sons album Babel. The screen is still unresponsive.

    Wondering if a reset could help. How can I do a reset if I cannot access the touch screen?
  9. nowocain
    Try to connect an usb mouse to M6 via OTG cable. It should work. Then you will be able to do a factory reset in Settings.
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  10. alwass89
    if anyone is still looking for this player Audio46 in New York City has it in stock: https://audio46.com/products/fiio-m6-portable-high-resolution-music-player There is a code LUCKY10 that gets you 10% your purchase.

    I went down to the store in person to pick up this DAP plus the BTR3 and even in store, they gave me the 10% off. Great deal.

    Not sure if this has been brought up, but it looks like they added the Hi Res Audio Wireless certification to the M6 box. I haven't opened it up yet, but I believe they updated the back of the player itself too with this certification. Not sure when this update was made, but before today I haven't seen any pictures of this "new" box.

  11. nowocain
    I've got my M6 a month and it has already this Hi Res wireless sticker on the back and on the box. I've not seen it on any pictures as well so I was afraid if it is a legit device and not fake. But the validation code pass.
  12. spookygonk
    Thanks. I'll order a USB-C OTG cable from Amazon and give that a try.
  13. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    You may enter the recovery mode by holding the volume - and power button in power off status. Then select the wipe Cache option to see if it helps?

    Best regards
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  14. tronth
    What's exactly the use of BTR3 paired with m6?
  15. salla45
    I guess, to be able to clip the btr3 to lapel, and the M6 in a pocket? Ultra portable, but still hands free :)
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