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FiiO M5-Compact and Versatile Hi-Res Music Player, IPS Touch Screen, Wearable, Step Counting, 2-Way Type-C, USB DAC, SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX-HD/LDAC Bluetooth, USB Audio, Coaxial Output, Recording

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by FiiO, Mar 26, 2019.
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  1. alex5908
    Like what, for example?
  2. duyhotan2000
    Hi Fiio,

    I have just bought Fiio M5 and very satisfied with it. However, it could be better if having 4 functions in the future FW updates:

    1. Control Bluetooth host music player by Touch Screen. When I swipe down the music controller in Bluetooth receiver mode, I could not use the controller.
    2. Ambient mode. The device has two mics, it could be great if Fiio adds ambient mode to this device.
    3. Improve response time when turn on/off screens.
    4. Fiio Music app could recognize M5 and could enable HWA codecs.

    Thank you!
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
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  3. alex5908
    I wish the manual library update would be faster. For me it takes ages. And it's not always successful at that. At times the player is hanged at updating and it takes a great effort/time to restart it.
  4. lalama
    I agree that it does take too long (I’m using a 200GB card), and it always says “0 songs updated”. The library does actually update, but an accurate and speedier update process would be a nice addition in a FW update.
  5. djselbeck
    Check the previous posts after firmware 1.3.0 was released.
  6. Ynot1
    The M5 does high fidelity recording. Is that only for the mic input? Can you select bluetooth or airplay?
  7. alex5908
    Hi everybody,
    I got confused. I put 60% loudness and now can't change it to a higher volume. Does anybody know how to increase the volume higher than 60% for the last but one firmware?
  8. Ichos
    It seems that you have enable the volume protection to 60% so you cannot increase it more.
    You must go to the settings and disable protection.
  9. alex5908
    Could not find it anywhere in the settings. Could you post an image?
  10. djselbeck
    The volume goes from 0-60. There is no mentioning of it being a percentage value. It is just an arbitrary range.
  11. Ichos
    Yes you are right that's it.
  12. alex5908
    You mean to say no matter what you can't get more than 60?
  13. djselbeck
    Yes, 60 is the maximum value equal to 100%
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  14. alex5908
  15. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    Thanks for your kind feedback. Could you please provide more details so we could try to reproduce this problem? For example, the capacity, brand of the card?

    Best regards
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