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FiiO M11Pro | Dual AK4497 | THX AAA 78 Headpone Amp | 5.15" 18:9 720P | Exynos 7872 | 3G Ram+64G Rom |

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by JamesFiiO, Sep 9, 2019.
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  1. jmills8
    Best keep believing that so you wont spend your money. Im enjoying its Solid State Amp even more thsn its Tube amp or its Balance amp. The 11Pro is pretty good and has a better screen. N8 is mainly for its sound. The Hifiman R2R has a great sound , better than daps costing over 3,000 usd , but it has the worst UI.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2019
  2. 518141
    You can get for 500€ a more powerful and better solid state amp than in N8. A unique selling point of the N8 is the two different amp sections.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2019
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  3. jmills8
    Oo which portable amp and duo dac will sound better ?
  4. 518141
    Not talking about a portable amp. I just set the price of N8 in relation. The N8 is in comparison to A&K SP1000/2000. Both super pricy. Do you prefer the solid state of N8 to the AK SP 1000/2000?
  5. jmills8
    I dont want to demo the sp2000. I had the sp1000 , 380 , 320. Lotoo touch , paw gold , and like 20 other daps and I prefer the 3.5 solid state sound from the N8. On certain recordings the Tube does wonders. Also on certain styles of music the 4.4 is ideal.
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  6. 518141
    I do believe to know that cayin tries to transmit the warmth and musical sound signature of their amps to their daps. It´s one of their trademarks. I would be happy to own N8 and have the possiblity to choose for myself, what sounds better for my ears.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2019
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  7. gLer
    I get what you're saying. I still haven't heard a DAP that can best a good desktop dac/amp with over ear headphones, but IEMs and the ability to go mobile changes the game. I still don't think you need to spend as much as an N8 for that type of sound though, not when an M11 and Oriolus stack will get you 95% there for 1/3 the price.
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  8. 518141
    N8 is one of the products where the manufacturer says, this product has to be expensive because nobody else believes that is good. M11/pro it´s bargain in comparison. Much better price relationship.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2019
  9. HaPeKa
    James mentioned, that M15 will be announced in December, for M15 Pro there are no informations so far.

    I hope, Fiio takes the time to develop it to a real high standard, not only in SQ but also usability.
    If M15 Pro will have THX amps as well, then hopefully with a battery that matches the power hungry amps ...
    It wouldn't surprise me, if it would feature a slightly bigger size to make room for a bigger battery and better thermal control.

    And, I guess we'll be near USD 1'000.- with a flagship like this. Let's wait and see ...
  10. gazzington
    It's a common misconception that the n8 is purely for tubes. I think of the tubes as a bonus feature. Standard 3.5 and 4.4 sound fab on it
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  11. courierdriver
    Is that some kinda headfi rule? So, if you post about it 6 times+, you get banned or something?! I often mention the gear I use in many of my posts. Often, I give that gear accolades because I like it alot, and I'm trying to help others get stuff they might enjoy. Why is it neccessary to limit someone's posts to just five, on any given topic? I thought this was supposed to be a friendly forum where everyone was welcome to express their opinions.
  12. courierdriver
    Why is posting 100 times (a HUGE eggsaduration this case) such a problem? If he likes the thing alot, then let him post it. Sure, it makes him look like a fanboy...but so what? There's plenty of fanboys out there for all different kinds of brands and model . Are they also supposed to shut up after 5 posts? If you don't like hearing or reading about certain kinds/brands of gear; maybe just unsubscribe from that thread, and let people post as they want.
  13. Maxx134
    this is news to me I'm glad they finally getting better because every time I listen to their units they do not rival desktop and so it handicapped all their headphones on their tables at meet events.

    Thats why I choose the Sony WM1Z/1A units, because you get traits of both tube like stage and organic tonality, with solid state clarity and speed.
    It not make sense in having multiple units or add-ons as it loses the goal of having an all in one system.

    As far as the Fiio m11PRO is concerned, it would need a tube amp stack like the Oriolus BA300S to climb higher..
  14. szore
    So, I cannot get the usb DAC function to work. I plug in the pro, and I can transfer files, but the fiio control panel does not see the dap.
  15. oldmate
    How many times have you posted the photograph of your 8 TH900's - bit of hypocrite aren't we. Stop being a testa di cazzo.
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