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Fiio M11 Pro $600 is coming - Will you Purchase it ?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Head-Fi'er, Jul 30, 2019.
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  1. jmills8
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  2. gLer
    How does the N8 stack up against the N6ii @jmills8. And for that matter, the N6ii against the M11/Pro?
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  3. gLer
    Your $2000 IEM is going to sound much, much better connected to your phone than a $500 IEM connected to a $2000 DAP. Of course a $2000 IEM will sound best out of the $2000 DAP, but IEM is always >> DAP when it comes to ultimate SQ. Same with headphones. Same with speakers. That's not my opinion, that's fact.
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  4. szore
    So wrong, LOL! Garbage in, garbage out. Don't respond, I don't care.
  5. gLer
    Dude I didn't say the source doesn't matter at all. But if you know anything about audio you'll know that already. Maybe go easy on the trolling and try be more constructive?
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  6. Leetransform25
    People who behave like that probably aren't worth arguing with in the first place honestly
  7. szore
    Excuse me?
  8. kukkurovaca
    Head-Fi sure is grumpy today
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  9. szore
    Seems to be just the M11 Pro forum.
  10. Cat Music
    anyway! Can we continue talking about the M11 Pro? Thanks
  11. CyberAthlete
    I agree with you on this. Your speakers/headphones are largely responsible for the sound. Source only does so much but the sound signature, stage, timbre, highs, lows and mids are part of the brand and drivers and engineering put into the speakers/headphones.

    I have multiple audio setups and systems but for every single one I prioritize the budget for the speakers. I've been fortunate enough to test many many amplifiers, DACs and speakers/headphones in my own home through loaners, demos, borrowed equipment and the biggest difference came from speakers. Very little from amplifiers and almost none from cables

    I've tested headphones ranging $100-$4000, speakers ranging from $1000-$5000, earphones ranging $100-$500, amps ranging $100-$2500, DACs ranging $50-$1000, cables ranging $30-$300. The biggest difference made was switching out speakers.
    I've done it all. Test one amp with different speakers and test different amps with one speaker set. Same goes for headphones. I own 4 headphone amps. See my signature. And many nice headphones. I've done tests with my friends to see their thoughts. My studies have shown amps make subtle difference
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2019
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  12. szore
    So in your opinion and extensive experience, cables have no effect on sound?
  13. CyberAthlete
    Not from what I could tell. I even tested out different cables on same earphones. I own two sets of cables for my HD800S and Beyerdynamic/Sony Z7. One is a pair of silver cables vs the stock that comes with the earphones. I stuck with stock after going back and forth. And I also tested ZMF's own copper vs silver cables ($300) on their top tier headphones. I could barely tell the difference. Played many different tracks. Maybe I'm lucky that way. My hearing maybe is not what it used to be and I don't have to spend money on cables.

    I know others have had a vastly different experience from mine but I'm just stating my findings honestly.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2019
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  14. mrs1986
    @gLer what would you do?
    Get a nice M11 plus some Polaris/it04/S8F or get something like the Q1 markII plus Andromeda/Rai Penta/any other in the price range?? Don't know any other hehe
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  15. Cat Music
    I do think that it is convenient to invest in good headphones, not everyone has the opportunity to have a high-end Dap and headphones, so you have to choose and decide, I prefer to buy some good headphones and a dap maybe not 1000 dollars but I would not stay with my cell phone, fortunately now we have DAP at a good price and they perform very well ... it is my humble opinion
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