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Fiio M11 Pro $600 is coming - Will you Purchase it ?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by lolsunny, Jul 30, 2019.
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  1. lolsunny

    Compared with m11, it seems that the m11 upgrade version to have many differences, but the price is more expensive.

    Fiio m11 vs m11 pro specifications


    Here is the fiio m11 pro features:

    1. DAC chips are upgraded to dual AK4497EQ
    2. Adopted THX-AAA amplifier chipset
    3. Increased ROM to 64GB
    4. Increased battery capacity from 3800 to 4370mAh
    Scheduled to be released in Oct. (subjected to change)
    Estimated SRP at USD 600-700 (subjected to final confirmation)

    Last edited: Jul 31, 2019
  2. IcedFrosty
    THX AAA seems interesting! And AK4497 is no slouch. And that screen...
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  3. silverfishla
    When the THX module was first confirmed, I asked FiiO if they were going to release a new DAP that could use the THX module. They said that they were not. They also said that a THX DAP was being developed but would only be released if there was enough interest. I was like "C'mon people! Tell them you want it!! Pleaasee!". Well, what do know, they went and did it.
    This one is now on my buy list.
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  4. Nayparm
    Definitely buying this! it will also save me modding the amp section in the standard M11 :L3000:
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  5. Joseph Lin
    Why no swappable modules? This makes it less useful.
  6. AlexCBSN
    I will buy it, super pumped for this, 2x 4497 and thx amp, that’s a winner combination
  7. DavidS11
    Interesting.. SP1K killer? :)
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  8. AlexCBSN
    They’ll release something like that further on (they already talked about those plans months ago) for me, a modular unit is just too much investment, i rather have a single unit that does everything
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  9. silverfishla
    They told me, no more swappable amp/DAPs. But hey, I was just a guy asking on a forum. Maybe they were being secretive, but that’s what Fiio said.
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  10. lesale08
    The x7 was the last fiio dap with swappable amp iirc from Fiio. You have n6ii if you want that.
  11. Sven2015
  12. duaned
    I bet no one will be able to hear an audible difference between the two!
  13. gLer
    Haha, apparently that’s what one of the FiiO guys said to someone at CanJam. “Most people can’t hear the difference.” Let’s wait and see.
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  14. Darren Cotter
    Is the M11 Pro supposed to be the replacement for the X7ii, or is there a M13 in the pipeline?
  15. lesale08
    There will be another flagship that is supposed to be announced later this year. Could be M15.
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