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FiiO M11-Android 7.0, 2.5/3.5/4.4 Powerful Output, Exynos 7872, Dual AK4493 DAC chips, 3GB RAM, WiFi, Two-way LDAC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by FiiO, Mar 19, 2019.
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  1. gLer
    AAC is the "best" BT codec currently supported by Apple, and is far better than basic SBC BT from an iOS device. I generally don't stream anything from my iPhone, but on the odd occasion, and with IEMs (not an HD800!) I'll have a casual listen, and would much prefer having the best available codec for that purpose. If you read up on AAC, you'll know that, given an AAC BT link, information from the iPhone doesn't have to be resampled (up or down) during transmission, which preserves a semblance of quality, and gives you at least the equivalent of 320kbps 'transparency'. It's a minor 'issue', like I said, but there's no reason for FiiO not to include support for AAC in the M11 when it does so with all of its other non-DAP BT hardware, and other manufacturers include it as standard.
  2. exitfire401
    Dude, I have some 96kbps files on my M11. In some cases it's just what was available at the time and you don't want to repurchase the same music or you can't find higher quality recordings anywhere. Don't be ridiculous.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2019
  3. atahanuz
    As far as I know, manufactuters have to pay licensing fees to support a bluetooth codec on their device and AAC must cost a lot. Not including AAC is understandable from Fiio's point, very minority of the users need it so it wouldn't be worth the costs.
  4. gLer
    Ok, let's see: AAC licensing cost per unit for 1-500,000 units (which is where the M11 will sit) - $0.98. 98 cents! http://www.via-corp.com/us/en/licensing/aac/licensefees.html

    Don't tell me FiiO couldn't have included it in the M11 when they do so on the $50 BTR1K :wink:

    But let's not make a mountain of it. It was just a small irritation I had as an iPhone user (as did no BT support for FiiO Link), so I wanted to point that out. It did't lessen my enjoyment of the M11 one iota.
  5. JLW654
    Don't you miss "playing" with the volume wheel? I would..!!
    gLer likes this.
  6. atahanuz
    Anyone use the "All to DSD" function? Does it improve the sound quality ?
  7. gLer
    Ha, yes, it is convenient isn't it. The R6 Pro push-button volume isn't nearly as accurate, and it's so powerful that going from 27 to 28 on some tracks is like 5 clicks on the FiiO! I also greatly disliked the on-screen 'ring' volume display of the HiBy, but luckily the Play Store had a few nifty volume OSD replacements I could easily replace the stock one with, and now it's even nicer than the M11's. I'd show you some screenshots but my wallpaper is very NSFW :wink:
  8. JLW654
    Interested, yes thanks...(in the wallpaper)..!!
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2019
  9. xenithon
    I used that for a while. It was more noticeable on some songs as opposed to others - interestingly if the material was well recorded the improvements were more noteworthy. Poor material remained poor. Having said that I ceased using the function as a) it drained battery far too quickly; and b) made the M11 ruun far too hot for my liking.
  10. atahanuz
    edit. posted to wrong topic
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2019
  11. stenog
    I've had my Aeon Open for almost 2 years and still love it.. :)

    We all have different ears!
  12. geisterfaust

    I've been researching before buying my first DAP. Right now I'm using an iPod Classic 5.5gen with Tarkan's iFlash adapter and while I like it, the data transfer speed, hiccups I encounter are killing my experience with it. After a few months of research I think the M11 is the best bet for me due to:

    1) Two SD slots (I plan on putting ALL my music there, around 1tb)
    2) Great size (I know the player is heavy)
    3) Battery life

    I've got a few questions about the player, hope anybody can help me out with those:

    1) Can I sort out my music using the FiiO music app such ass: artists in alphabetical order -> then albums organized in their respective release dates?
    2) How is the battery life overall with just the 3.5 mm out and ABSOLUTELY NO WIFI, BLUETOOTH OR ANYTHING turned on? I don't plan on stream with this device, just good ol files playblack.
    3) I've seen that the balanced output gives longer battery life, is that substantial? Right now I own a pair of ath-m50x and I plan on getting a pair of Tin T2 for when I'm out my home. I'm not planning on switching my headphones, I like them, but my question is if I'm able to run the headphones over that output for extra battery life?

  13. jdtenny
    1. Beware the fact that one of the SD slots is finicky about the SD card type, choose your cards carefully. FiiO posted a note on which cards not to use somewhere in head-fi.
    2. Sorting music: dunno, but the FiiO music app has been a bit iffy for me on my 25k song library. I do all the sorting/arranging on my computer, then copy (or rsync) files to my sd card.
    3. Re: battery life I'm always running BT & WIFI, streaming tidal most of the time, every work day most of the work day. I recharge every 2-3 days. The thing I've observed as the most intensive drain on the battery is simply interacting with the display. Otherwise it does okay.
    4. Balanced output, never heard what you said about balanced giving longer battery life. Also seems counter-intuitive since balanced provides _more_ power than unbalanced. Can't say I've observed a difference with my balanced vs unbalanced headphones, though the bulk of my listening time is via BT HD and my stereo so I probably don't use it enough (via headphones) to tell.
    5. Beware AAC. I cannot play any of my AAC files (support interaction pending, I sent them the files, haven't heard back). But my AAC files were not created on or in any kind of Apple ecosystem, so perhaps there's something weird about them.

    It's a good device, I'm very happy with mine, but has a few quirks, though I imagine most of them do. For local music I have my flac ripped CD collection, which play well. I have my old mp3's which sound so poor after listening to othe high quality music, but which still are useful when I'm playing strictly from the device (not streaming), and also helps me remember all the great tracks I want to get in HQ. Most of the time I listen to Tidal though.

    Good luck in your decision. For the money, the M11 has been a great first DAP for me ... so far ...
    - AAC files work
    - FiiO music app indexed faster and had better navigation
    - Device-wide EQ capabilities
  14. atahanuz
    If you're into portable audio, I strongly suggest you to switch to Android. Apple products will always have compatibility issues with everything else other than their ecosystem (iPhone, Mac, Airpods, Beats by Dre)
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  15. JLW654
    Re sorting on Fiio music, not sure, with mine it can't seem to get the alphabetic order quite right. All albums beginning with same first letter same are all there in that alphabetic group but not necessarily all in right order. This may be the app and if so will?? Get sorted in an update? I use card 1 for flac and card 2 for approx 22,000 aac files straight out of iTunes directory and they all work without problem.
    Battery life is excellent, not using screen but with wifi and Bluetooth on I manage up to 16 hours on 3.5 single ended Fiio FH7 iems.(great paring) and less on balanced output.
    It's a great value and excellent player at this money, a bargain in my opinion. Hope this helps a bit.
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