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FiiO M11-Android 7.0, 2.5/3.5/4.4 Powerful Output, Exynos 7872, Dual AK4493 DAC chips, 3GB RAM, WiFi, Two-way LDAC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by FiiO, Mar 19, 2019.
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  1. AWille
    double post
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2019
  2. AWille
    27F22FE6-2A54-493B-B31E-6385CEACA3F1.jpeg Yesterday, I also joined the club in spite of knowing, that the M11pro would be available soon.
    It is my first DAP, I am switching from an ifi xDSD and iDSD micro and I am totally satisfied! The sound signature is different, but not in a bad way.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2019
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  3. kalmira
    Which player is that? Is the AKM dac recognized?
  4. AWille
    This is the Qobuz app, so I think that the dac is recognized.
  5. snapandslide
    Oh yea, I fully get the whole GAS part of the hobby. It is fun to get new toys :wink:
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  6. Rik23p
    Picking up my m11 tomorrow out of interest what sort of cans would people recommend?

    I'm currently using v moda crossfade wireless 2 codex, but was considering getting a pair of the Sony 1000xm3 but after testing them today, they feel so cheep and breakable. Also the bass doesn't feel as powerful.

    I want a pair of cans that can deliver incredible sub bass detail, more thunderous the better.

    Any recommendations?

    Bluetooth or wired, don't really care as so long as they're portable.
  7. Devodonaldson
    I'm an XDSD, and a Mojo user. Also using Solaris. What tips are you using?
  8. Devodonaldson
    Don't know what your definition of portable is, but the Meze 99 classics have much better, deeper, stronger bass impact than the V-Moda
  9. Rik23p
    Thanks, didn't like the Meze 99 at all.

    I listen to hip hop, soul and rnb.

    Which is why i went for the v modas.

    I've tried many before and nothing felt as good as the v moda.

    But I'm looking for q change.

    I also want a tight feel with the over ears.

    Hope that makes sense
  10. arftech
    I went with the FH7 with mine as they both seem like they were designed for one another.
  11. gLer
    You probably won’t find better for the price and for the music you listen to than V-Moda. For bass impact they’re about the best you can get. They’re not the most clear or resolving or refined, but that’s not what your after. If you do want more refined with excellent deep bass, try the B&W P7 Wireless. Can still use them wired as well, and the SQ and build quality is a few notches above V-Moda. Feel is nice and tight too and they’re very portable.
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  12. AWille
    Right now I am using the foam tips, was pretty satisfied with the Final tips, but perfect fitting always is a big issue for me... In the next days I will get some custom tips, maybe this wil be a solution...
  13. gLer
    I was going to suggest an IEM, but I’d go for the FH5 if it’s pure sub bass you’re after. FH7 (which I have) is more refined and resolving but the bass isn’t as big as the FH5. You should also check out the R2 Aten by IMR. Thunderous bass - probably the biggest bass I’ve heard in any IEM.
  14. arftech

    I haven’t heard the FH5 but like you said I hear they’re really good for the type of music the OP has an appreciation for. Another good choice is the SE846. They go deep and is quite pleasant to listen through.
  15. JLW654
    I am happy with the M11, one or two little "gripes" the album art is not all displayed and I am using the card I used in a previous other make player where it all displayed correctly. Also tried using the find artwork in the Fiio player and it's as much use as a chocolate fire guard..!! 95% of the time it finds nothing. Also no way can I get the Fiio Link to work, it refuses to connect to my WiFi, just connects then says "disconnected" useless but not really needed anyway so I will forget that one. Other issues are that my Sony 100XM3 disconnects as soon as play of a music folder stops. I then have to pick up the M11 and press play again as it can't be controlled by the headphone. Strange behaviour, not had that with any other player with these Sony phones. Otherwise I still like the sound battery life and the screen and two card slots...
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