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FiiO K5 pro-Desktop DAC and Amplifier+ AK4493+XMOS XUF208+ 768K/32Bit and DSD decoding

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by FiiO, Aug 26, 2019.
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  1. Adide
    Hi FiiO.
    I'd like to see the output impedance declared upfront along the rest of operational parameters.
  2. Mightygrey
    Throwing my hat in the ring - sounds like a great unit.
  3. Mkoll
    Looks like another great price-performance product from Fiio. Keep it up!

    Good luck everyone.
  4. Morpheuz71
    Will tidy up my table a little bit, I'm in.
  5. PlasticBertrand
    Looks good - all in one DAC/AMP with three level gain on the front plate, not too many of those around. Will sell well, thanks for the chance to win.
  6. Toddk
    This would be my ideal setup!!!
  7. quasimofo
    This looks like a nice and compact DAC/AMP with a lot of great features, including an excellent USB implementation. Well done.
  8. Wyd4
    This is quite literally what I have been waiting for from FiiO. If I do not win I will surely be buying one :)
  9. Mnie88
    My A3 could use a desk companion from same company. Fingers crossed.
  10. Ynot1
    Posting exploded today. And 1/4 inch jack I hope means an adapter is included. Fiio usually is good about those things. And I wonder if the design reuses existing products or improves upon them. I already saw a review that gave a positive evaluation. K5 Pro to him was very transparent and not warm and not smooth.
  11. BubbaJay
    Been using Fiio products since 2011 with the M11 as my newest one and would love to upgrade my K5 to the pro.
  12. Quadfather
    A new, high-caliber, FiiO audio device is like a dream vacation to me. Music! Oh, how it pleases me!
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2019
  13. someyoungguy
    Woohoo, a giveaway! This unit looks nice, easy to use and plenty of power; exactly what I like from good gear.
  14. genclaymore
    I wonder how it sounds,I hope I win so I can find out.
  15. tRuE008
    Cool. FiiO E17 Alpen was one of my first product into the audiophile world. This would be a great addition.
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