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FiiO K5 pro-Desktop DAC and Amplifier+ AK4493+XMOS XUF208+ 768K/32Bit and DSD decoding

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by FiiO, Aug 26, 2019.
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  1. Camph
    The K5 Pro looks interesting. How well will it pair with a Shure SRH1540?
  2. BillJude56
    The FiiO K5 Pro would be a great addition to my audio gear as I gradually expand from portable only to a home desktop setup.
  3. Pemample
    Is the blue led going to be extremely visible in a dark room?
    Hope it can be turned off without physically disconnecting a wire.
  4. nuggetbro
    When you switch the volume knob to zero, it acts as a power switch and turns the device off. This also turns the light off (my unit does anyway).

    i am liking the unit a lot. I don't know if I love the sound for my aeon flow closed, but it could be that I want a valve amp for them to make them warmer.
  5. Joong
    Fiio K5 pro got my attention in that it has lots of input options and enough power for my headphones.
    It can be used as preamplifier for my living room audio to drive my Krell power amplifier where I can hear either from the Krell or headphone jack of Fiio K5 pro. I think it is wonderful solution.
    However one thing is lacking, which is a remote for that purpose.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2019
  6. RestlessZombi
    Certainly looking forward to this as a small, all in one DAC/AMP. Currently using seperates for my tv as I have some high ohm headphones i wanna cater for, but this seems to do it all in one box :)
  7. yong_shun
    I want the super power from this amp!
  8. KopaneDePooj
    Very well :) The AKM DAC is smooth and natural up top and will complement the SHR1540 good.
  9. LaRzZa
    I'm really want to see this unit on my desk.
  10. Joong
    Fiio's advantage has been availability due to portability by design.
    We expect this same philosophy for Fiio k5 pro, even though it is designed for desktop which limits the portability.
    However a remote will make them more available in case its application of pre-amplifier to home stereo system.
    It might bypass an old receiver that has array of poor dac / preamplifiers.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2019
  11. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Yes, when I had them on hand I have to admit to really finding them dry so for me some tubey goodness would be a necessity.
  12. Utopia
    A very thoughtful design, inside and out. For portable use I have the BTR3, which shares the same trait and is very impressive for its size and price.
  13. 12lior12
    Would love to win one of those :) looks realy good and top nouch specs
    Will it support MQA?
  14. odinmarks1988
    This will be my first desktop amp to power up my Headphone. Hope to get it!
  15. maziarshaghaghi
    the k5 pro is the best in its price, and it costs much better than its price, with 768 khz sample rate and 32 bit dac & max output voltage 20 V rms & more than 1 w output power at 32 ohms headphone, what a great device
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