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FiiO K5 || FiiO's docking desktop amp

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by fiio, Oct 31, 2014.
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  1. paulguru
    OH NICE !
    Can you try it with HD650 please ? 
  2. shuto77
    If any X7/K5 owners have the Hifiman HE-560, kindly compare how much better the K5 helps drive them.

    I know it's early, but I'm curious, lol.
  3. Unfie
    Yeah, I fully intend to do that once USPS finally delivers the package... [​IMG]
  4. Gnef
    I have an E17K Alpen 2 and just received the K5.  I have an older dock + E7 as well.  I tried to do a swap today of the old dock + E7 with the K5+E17K.  I use the FIIO devices primarily as a head phone amp for a computer.  Windows 10 does not seem to recognize it being plugged in. 
    Any thoughts?   I don't see any obvious settings on the E17K and I've tried dock (which seems like the right one) and line in.  Neither one cause the windows PC to notice a device connection.
    Also, the documentation states the dock power turns the docked DAC on/off.  I don't see this occurring when I turn the dock power on.  (No light on the E17k)
    A little troubleshooting later - seems like the USB 3.0 powered hub doesn't like the K5.  It works when directly plugged in.  The older dock never complained.
  5. paulguru
    Hey K5 owners ..... Can i ask you what is the sound signature of K5 as hp amplifier ?
    Anyone tryed it with HD6xx headphones ?
    Why everyone continues to speaking about the combo DAP/K5 ?  .... K5 is not reccomended as just a good amp ?
  6. Ab10
    Yes very Good Question indeed - Love to See some review / impression about Some Stand Alone DAC > Line In RCA > Fiio K5 > Headphone Out > Headphone.
  7. twister6 Contributor
    I think the primary functional intent of K5 is for pair up with FIiO DAPs, and I don't think they are trying to compete with other more established standalone amps.  To me, it's a convenience of easy docking without a need to connect audio cables or micro-usb charging cable.  The amp is rather neutral and transparent, gives you extra power to drive full size headphones (it was a noticeable improvement for me with 470 ohm open back R70x), and does a fantastic job in expanding the soundstage width.  Unfortunately I don't have too many demanding headphones or other desktop amps for comparison, so I really hope others can chime in with their comparison impressions.  I know for sure Paul (Brooko) is working on his K5 review to be released any day now, and you can be rest assured he will go in depth to answer all these questions!
  8. 00lunar
    Hmmm, not sure if it's only me, but shouldn't line-out be regulated as an option? It seems it's fixed and vol knob handles only 6,3 out. I'm asking you folks because I see K5 and X7 handling power amplifier and a set of speakers without PC or other DAC, but it turns out this scenario is off the table. I'm aware that K5 is headphones/docking device mainly, yet lack of aforementioned functionality cripples it in some situations...
    Any thoughts :) ?
  9. ClassicGOD
    I don't agree. Speakers and headphones should have separate volume controls so you don't blow up your cans/speakers by accident by switching to them when you were listening to the other one on high volume. If you are using separate speaker amp it should have it's own volume control, if using active monitors you should get something like Schiit SYS or Emotiva Audio Control Freak to regulate the level of line out separately to the volume set for the headphones.
  10. Ab10
     I think what you asking is a 'Pre Out' which is available at Fiio E09k - but that is missing at K5. 
  11. mykupyku
    I couldn't believe but HE-560 sounds good - smooth, rich sound with good bass and resolution. Fast enough. It's not full potential of HE-560 but very good synergy. Sound is relaxing and engaging. X7/K5 - enough power and good drive for HE-560. 
  12. Shogster
    I have just ordered the x7, and a day after, i find this thread. Oh my wallet...
    I have the fiio e10k, and im using it with my active bookshelf speakers and an svs sub. Can i use the k5 and x7 with them? Im guessing i will be using the rca's but will it work?
  13. ThecRA1SEr
    does someone know the expected release date of the docking cable?
  14. Unfie

    I am still annoyed at USPS, but I got the package today. Will give impressions later.
  15. Unfie
    Edit: oops, duplicate...
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