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FiiO K3 • The Review Tour of FiiO K3 All-new Headphone Amplifier & USB-C DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by FiiO, Sep 22, 2018.
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  1. Brooko Contributor
    The problem is that EarStudio doesn't publish power outputs - just voltage. They published the peak RMS voltage at 2.2V (balanced). FiiO's specs list the K3 balanced output at 7.39 Vp-p = 2.6V RMS. So on paper the K3 provides slightly more voltage. This doesn't really say which is more powerful - to really test, you'd need to put both amps under the same load and measure.
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  2. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    You could read more information about K3 from: https://www.fiio.com/k3_parameters

    Best regards
    FiiO Stay updated on FiiO at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  3. wigglepuff
    hello is there going to be a fix on the usb 2.0 driver? the current driver 4.47 still doesn't work on windows 7, the system can't detect the k3, also my motherboard only has usb 2.0 ports and is probably related to the windows 10 usb 2.0 port issues as well.

    Also there's this clicking and popping noise every time you play something, and the k3 goes into sleep mode if nothing is played after a few seconds and when you play something audio doesnt play right away and it also pops and clicks.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2019
  4. bgtip
    Try the settings hack:
    look at the driver control panel folder (C:\Program Files\FiiO\FiiO_Driver\W10_x64) and found an xml configuration file...

    Inside the XML file you will find this magic setting:

    <!-- Supported values for this page: Hidden (default), Visible -->
    Set it to Visible by replacing "Hidden" with "Visible" and save (you need administrator permissions, open an editor in administrator mode and then open the file)

    Before editing the file close the FiiO control panel application and reopen it after.

    You will find the magic tab "Options" where you will find "Streaming" and you'll see it's set by default to "On when Needed". Set it to "Always On" and... problem solved.
  5. wigglepuff
    Hello I already tried that it doesn't work I also tried just overwriting that file with the one given by an admin from the fiio forum it still doesn't work, its like the software is locked, its stuck on the main page showing "unable to detect usb device" it can't even detect the K3 even in usb 1.0 mode. ???

    Did Fiio make a mistake in uploading the driver on their page? the driver on the K3 page and on the general download driver page isn't the same althougth its both 4.47.0, corrupted? or are those drivers for android and not for windows system?

    Also is the K3 in usb 1.0 being detected by windows as speakers and not as a proper usb audio device like the previous e10k? is this normal?
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2019
  6. Brooko Contributor
    I replied to your post in the other thread too.

    I'd suggest seeing if you can test some more. My K3 works with both a Win7 (older) and Win 10 (newer) machine. 1.1 works out of the box. Installing the 4.47 USB driver was flawless. Once installed, switch to USB 2, replug, instantly recognised. No issues here with either machine.

    Suspect your issue could be the K3, or maybe even something to do with your PC/laptop issue.
  7. wigglepuff
    Finally got it to work in usb 2 and 1 mode, no problem now so far and no more clicking and popping noise like when I just installed the K3 in usb 1 without the software. But the Fiio driver provided was the cultprit, wierdly when I run the driver/software installer it doesn't actually install anything except for the software UI, so I had to go manually install the driver from the device manager and forced scanned the fiio driver.exe (twice) for it to work, then windows finally saw the Q series driver and installed it. oh well.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2019
  8. GianlucaTidus
    Hey hi everybody, i'm planning to buy the K3 but i have some questions...

    I actually have a Audio Technica MSR7 (Headphone) and edifier r1800t ii (Speakers)

    They are all connected to a tascam us144MKII - the sound quality is fine for both the devices, speaker and headphones

    I'm not sure if the tascam is the right solutions for getting the best quality sound out of my devices, and i was seeing this Fiio K3...

    Can you help me figure out if the K3 would be a better choice to drive both the devices better?

    thank you in advance

  9. Jmop
    Can confirm, the volume control on the K3 effects the volume of an external amp when using the line-out. Oh well..
  10. GianlucaTidus
    No one? :frowning2:
  11. Brooko Contributor
    I don't know much about your speakers, but they appear to be active speakers, so power won't be an issue. The MSR7 are easy to drive and don't require a lot of power.
    The Tascam is limited to 24/96 output - but that to me is not a limitation as such - it'll give you good audio output. Where it lacks a little is in overall power output. Tascam lists the output into 32 ohms as 18 mW per channel (via the headphone out). The FiiO will do 120 mW, and 200 mW if using a balanced output.

    The K3 will handle more formats, has higher overall resolution and has more power.

    Whether it is an audible improvement really depends on what you're driving. I don't think you'll get huge improvement out of your gear, but there may be some minor improvement. If nothing else, its using a more modern chipset anyway.
  12. GianlucaTidus
    Thank you very much!
  13. bloodyf8
    Hi..im interested with fiio k3, and i have a question about it.. Before that i want to tell my story..my computer PC have bad grounding also my electricity hasn't ground (but im using an UPS for my PC). Im experience my two iems has imbalance after months of being directly plugged in to my PC..and i suspect that the bad grounding of my pc cause my both of iem got imbalance..if i use k3 does it purifying the bad grounding of my pc?? At least it doesn't do bad/harm to my beloved iem.
    Thanks in advance
  14. CagedTiger
    Well I bought the K3 to solve an issue I had with static noise coming through my H/K Soundsticks 2.1 active PC spakers. Funnily enough, I did not have this issue with my iMac but when I upgraded to an Intel NUC (Hades Canyon, small gaming PC), I began hearing static noise that wouldn't go away even if I switched the audio cable, lowered the volume from the speakers, used a different audio port or used a different outlet/surge protector. I didn't have this issue with any of my other devices such as my headphones, though. Anyway, bought the K3 and no I'm static-free. I love the size, the ports and the build quality. The only thing I didn't get was that you cannot use regular headphones at the same time as you use speakers if you want the speakers disabled (which you obviously do with headphones on).
  15. bloodyf8
    Hi..thanks for your help in my case i didn't hear any noise,hiss etc if i plugged directly to my pc(perhaps my ears or my iem isn't good enough to hear the noise?)but i can tell is my pc has bad grounding from my pc case if i touching it will bit shocking me..my problem just only the iem will get imbalance if i plugged to my pc continuosly .i want to make sure if the k3 will solved my problem so my iem will not getting imbalance if i want to play music from my pc
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