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Discussion in 'FiiO' started by rsommerer, Jul 16, 2017.
  1. rsommerer
    First things first: To everybody at Fiio - are you out of your freaking minds? This week I noticed a problem on our Fiio X3 2nd generation, see the details far below. Today, I wanted to make a posting to the official forum at the Fiio website. That left me kind of pissed in the first place, because I needed to make this forum-post, but the forum system on the Fiio website wouldn´t send me profile confirmation e-mails. No, I do not have a special spam filter on my e-mail account. So I do see all e-mails, also spam e-mails, if they get sent. However, this is not the first website to not reliably send those e-mails. So I thought, I would just contact you guys via your official 'Contact us' link on the website. Good idea I thought, not too bright, but still, that´s just what you would do on a free sunday, if you were left out of all forum activity. Turned out, it wasn´t such a good idea, because the e-mail address '' - which you are officially providing - just doesn´t work out. E-Mails keep getting back, also after I checked the address multiple times. Whatever might be the problems, you guys should be already working to solve them. Damn, what a time consuming process. And damn again.

    The actual problem I would like to address is the same as user etm1977 already described in the thread which you will find directly via this link:

    Unfortunately, because of missing permissions, the forum system didn't let me add this user to my friend list, and did not even let me post my problem, so that I could directly ask, if there has already been a solution.

    The problem is, that files, which are uncorrupted on the source computer, seem to mix with each other after copying to and while playing on a fiio x3 2nd generation. As a fiio official has already stated in this thread, this is 'weird' behaviour. I could already rule out, that the files were corrupted before copying. Also, what I noticed was, that if you change the position of the headphone jack connected to the fiio player, it seems to be less sensible to these changes, meaning that the songs do not tend to mix with each other so often any more. It is still 'weird', because both of the songs get played from a position in the middle, and not from their starting point, and switching always continues, where it left off before.

    The effect of wiggling with the headphone jack brings me to believe, that this may be an issue connected to the remote button functionality on the fiio x3 2nd generation? Maybe there is already a solution to this problem, or could you give me some additional advice on how to solve it? We already copied the complete library of tracks to the sd card again, and the problems didn't occur with the same tracks after that, but were gone for a while. But as of recently, other tracks were affected, again with the same problem. What I can rule out is that there has been some kind of wrong handling of the device, or anything like that. Everything was copied fine with dapper, multiple times, and the problems didn't occur for a long time after initially using the device. Only recently they seem to be appearing - over and over again, and in shorter intervals.

    Maybe you could give me some information via this forum, at least I have permissions for all kinds of activities here, and I know that this forum works out well.

    Reinhard Sommerer
  2. rsommerer
    As a follow-up to my first post, I could find some time to do some testing on my own. According to my tests, I can confirm what user etm1977 stated in the post as linked above. Skipping from one track to another is probably not influenced by the position of the headphone jack, but the file on the player obviously already contains the information from another file. When we transferred the file in question, which was at first uncorrupted on the source computer, back to a computer from the fiio x3 2nd generation, it at this point already contained the errors. I do believe we can rule out Dapper as potential source of the errors, because it only copies one file at a time, and just provides additional playlists. But could there be a bug in the X3 software, that renders files unusable while updating the media library? Again, it´s only a guess.

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