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FiiO FH7-Flagship 5-Driver (1DD + 4BAs) Hybrid In-Ear Monitors, Knowles DFK + SWFK Composite BA Drivers, 13.6mm Beryllium DD Driver

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  1. ZiGFi
    Comparing them with the replacement I would say yes. The replacement sounds a lot better in my opinion, not sure about the fit, probably not.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2019
  2. alunx
    need advise....
    Is it worth to upgrade from FH5 with LC-2.5C cable to FH7, using M11 as DAP
    Is there any big improvement of sound ?
  3. mrs1986
    Look for currawong review of the fh7 on YouTube, it will be clear after that :)
  4. salla45
    a resounding yes from me. And yes, currawong hits it squarely on the head with his comparison. I like to liken it as FH5 on steroids. Everything is a level or 3 bigger, bolder, clearer. It translates into a much more detached sound stage, like listening to a great pair of over ears or good pair of speaker, when they disappear.

    I periodically go back to my FH5s to compare and just give up on them after a few bars of music.

    That's just my 2 penneth. Some say there's little difference, or not worth the upgrade, but for me it's worth every cent.
  5. alunx
    ahhh thx, nice info.. need to watch currawong review first
  6. ValeroidNN
    I did a review here: http://player.ru/showthread.php?t=233983&page=4
    Today all evening drove them on his M11 through the balanced output up and down, listened to all their test tracks and even more, in key groups of genres (conditionally):
    Heavier (U. D. O., Rammstein, Metallica, Sabaton, Iron Maiden, Testament, etc.)
    Take it easy (Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, R. Waters, C. Rea, Smokie, C. C. Revival, etc.)
    Instrumental & vocals (C. Spheeris, A. Taylor, L. Cohen, etc.)
    Electronica (Alphaville, Depeche mode, Camouflage, A-ha, Fancy, Space, Duran Duran, etc.).
    Now in order.
    In the review I will start from my FiiO FH5 and compare it in detail with them, as with the previous top model in the line and as a model that I know and love.
    On tinnitus 7-Ki sit also conveniently, as and 5-Ki, but enter slightly deeper and soundproofing slightly better.
    BASS.At first after FH5 it really seems that fh7 lacks bass, but these are the first minutes. But when I began to listen carefully to familiar tracks, and then listened to the sound, then listened to the music itself, abstracting from the frequencies and nuances of the sound, and came to an understanding, or rather a feeling that the bass is enough! It is not just enough, but absolutely as much as necessary! And initially this a sense of arises not because, that in 7-ke little basses, but because, that in 5-ke their very many, I would said with surplus.
    But in 7-Kakh bass not only quantitatively a bit the other, but and qualitatively and in different genres manifests itself differently, but common is his a greater density and resilience.
    MIDDLE. It is more detailed and airy than in the FH5, although not on the head, but it can be heard "with the naked ear".
    TOPS. They are a little clearer than in 5-Kah, higher resolution and overall sound airy. I don't know what layering is, but it seems there are some here 
    IMHO it is this air the middle and clear at the top and give FH7 such "andromedary" sound.
    As expected, FH7 metal is played more technically than FH5, the sound is more detailed, there is less or almost no porridge even in difficult places.
    And listening to" Hello " from Pink Floyd caught myself thinking that I really do not want to listen to these frequencies, layering and other audiophile stuff, but I just want to listen to music and enjoy.

    1.FH7-neutral balanced ears, in which all as need to and all frequencies on place, detailed, natural, clear, air, such "affordable Andromeda."
    2.This is a serious ears that have an adult sound, very close to the home system, and listening to them with Caiyn N6ii it seems that you listen to a full-fledged home system.
    3.Headphones are worth their money at 100% and are recommended for purchase, but I think that first of all will suit those who love honest sound.
    4.To buy a smartphone makes no sense, tried, their potential is not revealed and half.
    PS. Thanks for your attention 
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2019
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  7. salla45
    Sure. You could try the bad boy review too. He does gush about these...

  8. salla45
    good summary

    not sure what "Hospital" should be however.

    I agree with this; the bass has great definition and realistic and there when the mix has it, otherwise it's not present; it doesnt interfere with the mids and highs which are layered and spacious with good positioning as a result.

    This!! :) -> And listening to" Hello " from Pink Floyd caught myself thinking that I really do not want to listen to these frequencies, layering and other audiophile stuff, but I just want to listen to music and enjoy.
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  9. ValeroidNN
    Translation error:)
    in Russian Hospital (Стационар) - meaning home system :)
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2019
    salla45 likes this.
  10. mrs1986
    Now makes sense haha
  11. Bobo33
    People here are right.FH 7 are not for bassheads.I compared FH 7 with my over ear V-Moda Crossfade and ..i can't even compare them lol.. With V-Moda you can FEEL the bass, its like 10 times more than FH 7.
    But i am learning.I think its not a fair comparation.V-Moda has 50mm driver and its over ear.Is just another category, yes?
  12. KC33
    You really can't compare a headphone to an IEM.
  13. mrs1986
    I don’t know, I think the FH7 are better than the he400i, maybe my hearing is super bad xD
  14. salla45
    I do disagree with you on this.

    I do, frequently compare headphones with IEMs.

    It's like saying you can't compare a lifestyle speaker to a pair of stand-mounts. Or a sports 4x4 to a sports saloon or coupe. Its a set of compromises, pitting one against the other, some or all of which can be overcome with good engineering and application of technology. It's how much these limitations can be overcome which makes it fascinating to compare.

    Both are transducers designed to play music. Sure there are compromises, but, IMHO if one unexpectedly exceeds expectations and outshines the other even if in only some areas, then it's food for discussion or comparison.

    For example, I always compare my iems to my best pair of headphones, my Beyerdynamic T1's which are no slouches, and I'm finding really that the FH7 for example compares really well to these. Sure, the T1's have a tad more definition and detail but conversely they sound abit less smooth perhaps than the FH7. Certainly I'm never ever feeling, "darn I wish I had my T1s on now". Moreover... my ultimate test IS in fact to compare an IEM with a good set of overears and if they compare very well then it means they are pretty amazing giving the micro mechanics involved, TBH. By having benchmarks which are outside the remit of the class a clearer comparison overall within the class can be defined.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2019
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  15. KC33
    I agree, I wasn't speaking to quality but the statement that the bass was much stronger with the VModa. Of course it is.
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