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FiiO FH7-Flagship 5-Driver (1DD + 4BAs) Hybrid In-Ear Monitors, Knowles DFK + SWFK Composite BA Drivers, 13.6mm Beryllium DD Driver

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  1. antberg
    Those picture comparisons are very useful for those who are geographically unable to compare the twos...

    Would you guys say that after all the FH7 has a less prominent bass than the FA7? I was happy to find that the FA7 has the right amount of treble for my ears, and if the FH7 does have more than ``sparkly`` high sometimes, i would just be happy to stick on the FA7 on the long term...
  2. warriorpoet
    Interesting. Soundstage?
  3. Currawong Contributor
    Depends which bass you are talking about. I think the FA7 has more mid-bass, but the dynamic driver IEMs can go lower into the deep bass. I use When I Get My Hands on You by The New Basement Tapes to test this. It starts with a low bass rumble. Most IEMs reproduce it, but not strongly. The FH7, on the other hand, really brings that out, and with texture as well. A more common track is Angel by Massive Attack. That's totally in FH7 territory.

    IEMs don't have soundstage. You can fake it somewhat with the tuning, and better detail/instrument separation/etc. will give you more of a sense of it, but I don't like using the term with IEMs.
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  4. gLer
    Is it perceivably as wide as the FH5 then? And what of the mids - still forward like the FH5 or more tempered?
  5. Taggerung
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  6. maira
    vs. FH5?
  7. JuanLuis91
    The FH7 its better than the new canpfire polaris?
  8. redrol
    I may have gone insane and ordered the FH7 from Linsoul. Wish me luck!!

    Thanks @HBB! Without your golden ears I wouldn't have a clue what to try.
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  9. maira
    FH 7 vs Moondrop Kansas Pro, anybody?
  10. redrol
    I will review that when i get the FH7
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  11. maira
    Would be great - thanks! (on the description alone these two might be similar..)
  12. cjfreitag
    My daily pair is the Shure SE846 which I’ve had and enjoyed for 6 years. Is there a good reason for me to look at the FH7?
  13. Extrasensory
    May I ask?

    What is the overall sound signature of the FH7?

    I mean bright or warm.

    I prefer the tonality of the Ibasso IT01s which slightly lean toward brightness with the right amount of treble.
  14. Currawong Contributor
    I'd put it a bit on the bright side, but it is not as all if the bass or mids are at all being held back.
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  15. scarfacegt

    This song sound amazing on the fh7.Dont know what bitrate it is,so i guess it sounds better on tidal.He is singing in norwegian.But the guitar playing is awesome.He was one of the best guitar player in norway :)
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