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FiiO FH7-Flagship 5-Driver (1DD + 4BAs) Hybrid In-Ear Monitors, Knowles DFK + SWFK Composite BA Drivers, 13.6mm Beryllium DD Driver

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  1. maira
    Im reading it the same way. Looks its more like a side-grade with maybe a bit better resolution and bit different tonality. Part of the difference might be the silver cable of the FH7.
    Last edited: May 24, 2019
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  2. gLer
    Especially if you’re paying double the price, it let’s wait and see what they sound like. I’m hoping to review a pair in the near future with any luck.
  3. OneL0ve
    How is the bass from that huge 13.6mm dynamic?? :astonished:

    Your comment about the brighter treble scares me, so I will wait until Amazon has it so I can easily return, if it is too bright.
  4. dwil
    Those new nozzles do look like they'd allow for a deeper insertion. Looks good, considering it was one of the issues with the fh5.
    Fh7 does still have that convex bulge like the fh5 where the fa7 had a bit of a concave shape near the top of the ear.

    Any chance you still have the fa7 for side-by-side photos too?

    Regarding the sound, its starting to seem more and more that the FH7 has inherited its mid presentation from the FH5 rather than the FA7, which makes me sad.
  5. gLer
    FA7 mids with FH5 bass and treble would be the bee’s knees. I do think a DD adds that thump and air movement BA bass just lacks. That said the FH5 + M11 pairing is superb, great synergy. Keen to hear how the FH7 pairs with the M11.
  6. scarfacegt
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  7. scarfacegt
    FH7 and FA7 20190524_192050.jpg
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  8. dwil
    Thanks for the pics scarfacegt

    FH7 definitely looks a lot more similar to the FH5 than the FA7. I'd love to hear more subjective impressions of comfort, at the end of the day that'll determine whether I buy these. You can't EQ comfort.
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  9. scarfacegt
    Have just gotten these two.Im not that good in english (norway here) or describing sound as many of you head-fiers in here :) But both seems great.Early impressions is that maybe the fa7 are an little more comfortable.But take it with an grain of salt.Have to test some more.The isolation are good at both,but a little better on fa7.Also take this with an grain of salt :) The fh7 sounds brighter.And the fa7 more thick/full sounding.
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  10. gLer
    Thanks, your English is far better than my Norwegian! That 'thick/full' sound of the FA7, while appealing to some, is the reason I prefer the FH5 to the FA7. It's just more clear and open sounding to me. If the FH7 is the same but more resolving and less mid-forward, I'm in. If not, I'll happily live with the FH5 and subtle EQ until the right upgrade comes along.
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  11. scarfacegt
  12. antberg
    Scarface, does the FH7 seems slightly bigger than the FA7?
    I found the FA7 extremely comfortable , sound also exactly what i am looking for , but the FH7 looks very well built but a also a bit more heavier.
  13. scarfacegt
    Yes it looks like that.But they have completly different shape.And as you mention,a little bit heavier.The fa7 might have better comfort due to its shape and weight.Have just gotten up (early morning here) and have been drawned to hbo's tsjernobyl series,so havent listening to them yet today.Have to watch the last episode before i go listenig to some music
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  14. Currawong Contributor
    Something to note is that I took the grills off the FH5, which helps quite a bit. I want to go back and test a few bass tracks between them though, as I think that is where the most improvement might be.

    I'd say it's an upgrade, but I tend to be conservative in my impressions until I am sure what I'm hearing.

    I compared with the FA7 though with a bunch of different tracks. Overall, the FH7 sounded MUCH clearer. With the FA7, the sound was always smooth and more of a blob in the middle, more muffled. The FH7 was more open, airy, dynamic, detailed, and really shoves instruments and vocals in your face. Bass detail is great. The treble can be too much though. I tried my best to find tips that toned down the treble, and went with my usual go-to, the Final Type E.

    FiiO_FH7-DSC03509.jpg FiiO_FH7-IMG_2787-2.jpg FiiO_FH7-IMG_2788-2.jpg FiiO_FH7-IMG_2790-2.jpg FiiO_FH7-IMG_2791-2.jpg FiiO_FH7-IMG_2792-2.jpg
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  15. gLer
    I found the FH5 much clearer than the FA7 as well. The FA7 is warm and cozy but the midbass bloom makes everything seem more congested compared to the FH5’s more linear response. By your early impressions I’m deducing the FH7 tightens and speeds up the bass response, but also extends the treble response of the FH5, which is basically what FiiO suggested the FH7 will do. If the bass filter mitigates some of that extra treble that could work in the FH7’s favour, but I’m definitely not wanting any MORE treble than the the FH5!

    If you get a chance would appreciate a comparison with the Andromeda in your final review, as at this stage it seems I need to look further up the ladder to significantly improve on the already excellent FH5, especially with the more resolving, more neutral and more powerful M11 as a source (coming from the M9).
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