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FiiO FH7-Flagship 5-Driver (1DD + 4BAs) Hybrid In-Ear Monitors, Knowles DFK + SWFK Composite BA Drivers, 13.6mm Beryllium DD Driver

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  1. VICosPhi
    JVC spiral dots for me
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  2. mkygod
    These tend to be sibilant on a lot of female-centric pop songs that I tend to listen to. Especially when you turn the volume up. Is there any kind of player or app that can dynamically adjust the EQ as you turn the volume up and down? It seems like that should be a thing.

    Anyways, i found the Spinfits the most comfortable as you can pop them in and out w/ ease but the foam tips sounded the best. The foam tips are comfortable when settled in, but if you are taking them on and off a lot, theyre kindve irritating.

    I think the Spinfits could benefit from having a slightly bigger opening and more shallow shaft to match that of the foam ones.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
  3. hiflofi
    Some thoughts on the FH7 after a couple demo sessions this past week.
    Bass is really nice; better than any all-BA setups even in higher prices; could do with more sub-bass; mid-bass is very juicy as far as decay is concerned.
    Didn't find it sibilant or splashy even with Sedna tips but ymmv.
    Soundstage size is more intimate compared to Solaris/IER-Z1R (haven't heard as many IEMs in the FH7 price range) but still enough.
    No major complaints about resolution/detail or timbre, but the highs seemed slightly "brittle".
    Overall, FH7 probably punches above its weight class. Better than the IT04 at a similar price.
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  4. Jonafi
    I had a listen to the FH7 and I found them to be good except on the Red Hot Chili Peppers Under the Bridge, at around the 1:26 mark the bass seems to bleed into the vocals. Anyone else notice this? I’ve been reading reviews of the FH7 and the phonograph net review did mention this mid-bass bleed.

    For those who have the FH7, I’d like to hear your opinion on this particular issue.
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  5. Caguioa
    So all of sudden my left bud isnt connecting to my wires, i tried 4 wires both left and right, and my other headphones and they seem fine, my left iem doesnt snap onto place for secure lock, and with alittle wiggle it comes right off on both my wires, the right side is fine on everything, including my shrure 846 fits fine on all the wires,
  6. Colors
    Honestly, it’s nowhere near my Top 10 list (which are mainly like TOTL that are USD1500-2000+) but it’s acceptable and I don’t need to baby then if I take them out. You get like 75% there without paying the full premium.
  7. MattAsAHatter
    Colors: I agree and while I found the Hyla CE-5 to be superior, particularly for my preferences, I couldn't justify the price difference based on my usage which is out and about, travel, or occasionally around the house. I'm still an over-ear guy at heart too.

    Jonafi: That's one of the exact songs that solidified the Hyla's superiority to me when A/B-ing. Of course, it's generally song specific and I didn't find it a big enough issue to consider ditching the FH7.
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  8. SNSDluv
    Would love to know your thoughts how how the P1 compares to the FH7, in terms of sound signature and imaging/sound-stage. Thanks!
  9. Dobrescu George
    Time for a Cable Review Video!! :)

    I also have my FH7 video ready, but right now I wanted to talk a bit about FiiO's Silver MMCX Balanced Cable!! :)

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  10. AlexCBSN
    different monsters:

    the fh7 super easy to drive, wide soundstage in comparation to the p1, sub bass is really well achieved, mids are a bit recessed and the treble is a bit more splashy, the p1 has a tiny soundstage but it makes it super intimate and sometimes i do want that, instrument separation is not great but it goes nicely, the fh7 achieves that in a better way, imaging therefor is better on the fiio, to be honest, comparing the 2 is like this: the fh7 is like being in a medium sized concert hall, at the same height as the band, you are going to hear everyone, you are in the 4th row and in the center, perfectly separated from the stage so you get the whole thing, the p1's is like watching a band rehearse in a garage and you are just in the bare entrance, is really intimate, and you can hear a bunch of things that normally you wouldnt, the band has nice gear but it can be better, still is great cause you are close by and everything feels RAW which i adore for many albums, i listen mainly to prog rock, metal and djent, and the p1 gives me a good glanceof the guitars and the bass, the fh7 is going to concert all the way with the excitement of feeling the whole experience. bass could be better on the p1 but nevertheless is GOOD, seriously good
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  11. AlexCBSN
    you've been doing cable reviews while you have the dunu's and the fiios (4001 and fh7) is like talking about the windshield wipers in a bmw and a mercedes but not talking about the car itself
  12. Soundizer
    I am potentially interested in getting FH7 and M11 together. Using Tidal HIFI and sometimes AirPlay from iOS devices.

    My concerns are why there are no video reviews with both these items being used together?

    Also on this thread people post issues with sibilance which i am hyper sensitive to.
    By using the non base options there might be less sibilance but then base is not sufficient?
  13. Jonafi
    It was one of the first track I tried and it turned me off immediately.
  14. Dobrescu George
    You're right, and this is exactly how reviewing cables is like, talking about one of the accessories of a car. To be honest, the tips can make a larger difference than the cables a LOT of times.

    So here's the Video Review about FiiO FH7!

    I hope it is fun to watch :)

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  15. Caguioa
    the left bud isn't securing like it used to, tried like 4 mmcx cables, the right fits just fine, but my left bud comes off easily,

    how could the fh7 inside mmcx connector all of sudden not fit to my wires,
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