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FiiO FH7-Flagship 5-Driver (1DD + 4BAs) Hybrid In-Ear Monitors, Knowles DFK + SWFK Composite BA Drivers, 13.6mm Beryllium DD Driver

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  1. Toom
    My FH7s should be delivered Monday, FedEx permitting. But now all this talk of treble is making me nervous. I thought they were supposed to be tuned nicely?
  2. salla45
    If you are of a certain age, I wouldn't worry :), certainly the response graphs don't show any nasty spikes. Some people are very used to dark sounding iems so hearing some more reference sounding sets can pique. I've a pair of K3003's and they are downright spikey, lol.
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  3. abirdie4me
    I think the treble sounds amazing. As always, decide with YOUR ears....no need to be nervous.
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  4. Toom
    Lol, fair enough. I am 47 and have the ears of a bat. In a sock. At the bottom of a swamp.
  5. MattAsAHatter
    The ATH MSR7 treble bothered me a bit but the DM6 and FH7 haven't troubled me. Different sources for portable equipment vs desktop but still.

    I think they have strong treble but for me it's not overbearing. I'm 40 with moderately good hearing (no issues the time I had it checked last year).
  6. Indiemaker
    No FH7 on Amazon.
    When could we order on Amazon?
  7. abirdie4me
    I got mine from Amazon US earlier this week. I think they run out of stock pretty fast, just keep checking back with them and hopefully you'll catch them next time.
  8. abirdie4me
    Has anyone else experienced this? I just started trying to remove my cable and am having the same issue. @FiiO , is there an easier method for removing the cable without the risk of damaging it?
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  9. Indiemaker

    Awaiting your brief review of SQ and build...
  10. abirdie4me
    I'm relatively new to the world of iems, and also not great at explaining sound...but here's my quick impressions after a couple of days:
    • Only iems I've owned before this week are Campfire Polaris v1, which I've had for over a year. The Polaris will be going up for sale soon, I prefer the FH7 in comfort and sound.
    • I just received Campfire Atlas today; I posted brief comparison on the Atlas thread, so I'll plagiarize myself here:
      • Compared to my Fiio FH7 (also new), the Atlas clearly have much more bass. The FH7 are much smoother sounding overall and the vocals are a bit more forward, while still providing excellent details. The Atlas has more punch and sounds more 'fun'. I think they are a great compliment to each other, the FH7 for relaxing and the Atlas for rocking out or more critical listening
      • Value - I paid about $350 more for the Atlas than I did for the FH7. I think they are both worth the price of admission. If I could only have one of them, I'd probably go with the FH7 since I have a nice desktop setup for when I want to listen critically. My main portable use is around bedtime when I'm trying to wind down for the day, and the FH7 are perfect for that.
    • The cable is fantastic, but I'm having a lot of issues with tangling. Still really nice, with L connector as standard. I have a Fiio 'D' cable coming, 4.4 all-silver.
    • I love having the 3 filters to select from, and they do make an audible difference. As with others on this thread, I've settled with the green (treble) filters. I liked the red (bass) filter also, but when I'm in a mood for that I'll just use the Atlas.
    • Packaging and accessories are incredible at this price point. I've tried 7 tips so far and am sort of settled on the medium 'bass' tips that are included.
    • My source is Fiio M11, which just arrived yesterday (I think it sounds great and is a tremendous bargain in this ridiculous hobby of ours)
    I've inquired with ADV custom tips about creating custom tips for the FH7. They currently don't have them in their database, but they do have the FH5 so I'm hopeful they can do them. I sent them pictures of the FH7 as they requested, so I expect them to add it to their catalog soon.
  11. MattAsAHatter
    I had the same problem disconnecting the cable. Ridiculously tight connection. I'm actually using a backup cable I bought for my iBasso IT04 that I kept when I sold that set. The CB12s I believe. I really like that cable.
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  12. VICosPhi
    I had this issue, took the plunge and twisted them slightly while pulling out the connectors and that wasn't pretty but worked fine.
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  13. VICosPhi
    How are the iBasso IT04 compared to FH7?
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  14. VICosPhi
    Thanks, ordered these JVC Spiraldots through Penon and will try these out.
  15. abirdie4me
    Found a better solution. I took a pair of needle-nose pliers and held the cable while pulling on the iem, it took a bit of effort but wasn't too bad. I wasn't getting anywhere trying to use my hands.
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