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FiiO FH7-Flagship 5-Driver (1DD + 4BAs) Hybrid In-Ear Monitors, Knowles DFK + SWFK Composite BA Drivers, 13.6mm Beryllium DD Driver

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  1. Leetransform25
    If I were to get a pair of FH7s, should I use the limited offer to get a LC-C cable for free, or get the LC-D cable for $100?
  2. Caguioa
    is it worth using a 3.5 to 4.4 converter for the FH7?

    got the M11 and want to use 4.4 connector,
  3. Vitandus
    You can go from balanced in your IEM to non. Don't go from non-balanced to balanced.
  4. Caguioa
    how come?

    i am also looking at the
    SONY Headphone cable MUC-M12SB1

    doesnt the FH7 come with the new fiio cables?
    Cause waiting till Fiio Pure silver 4.4 cables
  5. Vitandus
    Ground. You can Google it for a better write up. If you want balanced, get a balanced cable for the IEM and go from 4.4 to 3.5 SE
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2019
    Leetransform25 likes this.
  6. Leetransform25
    I'm no audio engineer or anything so I can't explain it well, but I suppose you could imagine like being able to convert from WAV to MP3, but not the other way around.
    I don't own the Sony Cables but I've heard they're good, not sure how they compare against FiiO's though
    The cable that comes with the FH7 are the LC-C cables, the LC-D (Pure Silver) cable will have to be purchased seperately
  7. jsmiller58
    If you are going 3.5mm to 4.4mm, is that 3.5mm balanced or SE?

    If you are set on a 4.4mm connector, and you can find a right angled 4.4mm connector, that should be good. If you can't find an angled connector, then get a 2.5mm connector and an angled 4.4mm adapter. Angled is the way to go, otherwise you have a very bulky connector sticking up in your pocket if you are using a portable DAP.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2019
  8. Sanger
    You don't get a free cable with a purchase of FH7, you get a chance to win the cable.
  9. buonassi
    Just to clarify, because we don't want anyone short circuiting their DAPs or hurting their earphones...

    • From a single ended output, you can push a single ended cable or a balanced cable with an adapter.
    • From a balanced output, you should only drive balanced cables / headphones.

    Now, it is very possible to do the second point have acceptable results, because we're talking about very low voltages - but it's not advisable and you could very well fry something. So, ehh, don't.
    jsmiller58 likes this.
  10. gLer
    No, it’s not worth it and in fact it shouldn’t be done. You’re not going to get a balanced signal just by plugging a cable and adapter into a balanced output. Just buy a balanced cable, FiiO have plenty to choose from. I use the 2.5B and it’s superb. The C and D make the FH5 sound too thin for my liking.
  11. Caguioa
    so would the Sony Muc-,12SB1 be fine?

    im still waiting to see when fiio silver cables will come out
  12. maira
    Well the Fiio silver cables (LC XX ending with "d") are out already... .
  13. Caguioa
    Where? and witch ones are newest one?

    cant seem to find the fiio lc-4.4d

    has any1 tried them?
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2019
  14. maira
  15. Caguioa
    I see, what would difference that these silver cables have over the ones that come with fh7?
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