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FiiO FH7-Flagship 5-Driver (1DD + 4BAs) Hybrid In-Ear Monitors, Knowles DFK + SWFK Composite BA Drivers, 13.6mm Beryllium DD Driver

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  1. 91Dokuganryu
    Now look what i just picked up
  2. gLer
    Yes I believe the 4.4C and 4.4D are angled.
  3. Caguioa
    Heard plenty of good things on this,

    How does this compared to shure 846
  4. mikroski
    I'm not expert so I try to tell you from my feeling only.

    When I order FH7, I think I will get iem that is an upgrade version of FH5. I'm wrong. FH7 is totally different from FH5.

    For very first few albums, I think FH7 has a well balance from bass to treble. It more mature iem than FH5

    For bass I use three tracks that I always use to check bass both quality and quantity.
    Star Wars: The Imperial March from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (Erich Kunzel/Cincinnati Pops Orchestra)
    Chant (Fourplay)
    Jazz Variants (Manger - Musik wie von einem anderen Stern)
    Sound of timpani and drum is very good. It go deeper than FH5. And even better than many full size phones I owned or tested. Don't know how FiiO make a small iem with a very good bass like this, very impressive. Bass go deep but still well control.

    For treble, I'm very sensitive with high-pitched. With FH5, I always decrease volume when female vocal (Celtic Woman, All Angle, Katherine Jenkins, etc.) or instruments (flute, violin, etc.) hit the high note. This quite annoyed me. With FH7 I can listen to music at whatever volume I want without problem.
    Sound is gentle but details and harmonics is very good (Jazz at the Pawnshop 30th anniversary (3 albums), Michel Camilo (Live at the Blue Note), Gene Harris (various albums), Oscar Peterson (various albums)

    For mid, It not prominent as FH5. That's all, I have no problem with both iem

    I use FH7 with FiiO LC-2.5C Balanced, FiiO K3 PC DAC.
  5. Copland62
    My FH7's just arrived......:ksc75smile:
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  6. Copland62
    FiiO likes this.
  7. 91Dokuganryu
    My FH7 arrived today after a 4 or 5 hours of listening with them coupled with my Fiio X7ii while using the black (standard) filters here are my thoughts:

    Beautiful bass, really really good, fast, punchy, not boomy, not bloated and responsive i dare to say one of the best bass coming out an IEM

    The mids are very very detailed really well made i can't find anything to complain even if i tried

    The treble is excellent, not peaky, very detailed, kinda sparkly but not fatiguing, and also on the smoother side but for me it's also kind of hard to explain the highs

    The Stage is wide, very wide for an iem, one of the widest i heard from an IEM, you can tell where someone is standing hearing a live performance song and
    Imaging is excellent nothing to complain here
    I can't really say if you will need an amp but a phone is definitely to weak, my Huawei mate 20 did not had enough juice to drive them but my x7ii with AM3A has too much juice even in low gain. I think it's due to the the AM3A amp module of my X7ii that i hear a slight sibilance even if it's minor. So all in all is it worth 450€?
    In my opinion yes it is, it easily outperforms a shure Se846 and Sennheiser IE800s which both still retail for about 800€ here in Germany which i had a listen to in a store in Munich. oh and ti definitely think its better than the Andromeda's and yes it's an opinion, facts are kinda hard once you reach the upper echelon of pricing in the audio world. The Andromeda may have slightly better details in the mids and highs but imo the fiio beats them in fit & isolation, bass, stage and the imaging. The highs and mids tho go to the andros so it's a win in my tasting. Lastly i want to talk about the fit and isolation and also the accessories.
    The cables (3.5 SE jack) are beautifully crafted, top notch, much better than the one's that come with the Fh5 and FA7, but i don't believe in cable = better sound. however, you do hear it if you touch the cable sorry i forgot the wording for that :). The fit is great, they don't hurt whatsoever and i have very weird ears so they will most likely fit yours to. The Isolation is a 8 out of 10 better than average and better than the FH5 as they go a tiny bit deeper
    but not as good as my moondrop A8 or the Fiio FA7 as those are made from acrylic materials via 3D printing and they go deeper into your ears. The good part is that they come with a lot of tips so you will find at least 1 pair that will give you a good seal, i use the foams as they have the best seal for me.
    All in all they are a very good pair of IEMs i dare to say fiio did it again and they DO punch above their price :)

    Thank you for your attention and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

  8. gLer
    Great feedback, thank you.

    Anyone here have the FH7 and IMR R1 Zenith? A comparison between the FH7 and R1Z would be cool... (and no, the Porta Fi review doesn’t really go into enough detail about the sound quality differences).
  9. 91Dokuganryu
    I consider his videos as ads not reviews lol
  10. gLer
    Hence my question :wink:
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  11. redrol
    Just got the FH7. Using the stock config with balanced nozzles. Treble WAY the heck too much. Fried my ears in minutes. Next up, the treble nozzles, they are completely open bore and also there is a BA right in the nozzle behind the tip. For whatever reason the balanced nozzles dipped the mid range too much. At that point the treble was a bit much and I hate that kind of sound. So basically in the first 10 mins, I recommend the open bore treble nozzles. Gotta have those sweet mids.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2019
  12. BobJS
    Mine are in town early and will be delivered this afternoon. After reading this thread, I hope my expectations aren't set too unreasonably high. Trying to tamp them down ...
  13. Vitandus
    Preferences are very personal. @redrol and I have chatted on Discord, and we clearly have different expectations and preferences. He likes his A8s more. Someone else here said they like boomy DDs, and not tight bass/planar bass. I love it.
  14. Toom
    Pre-ordered my FH7s from AMP3 here in UK today. Looking forward to getting on the bus.
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  15. FactoryStock
    About time FiiO gets into the flat arena. Hopefully this gives the VE5 a run for their money; I refuse to believe that weird treble dip in VE5 costed them $1000 more to put in there...
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