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FiiO FH7-Flagship 5-Driver (1DD + 4BAs) Hybrid In-Ear Monitors, Knowles DFK + SWFK Composite BA Drivers, 13.6mm Beryllium DD Driver

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  1. Vitandus
    I use FiiO cables for balanced. I may get the D model for the FH7 site to that right angle plug
  2. Wyville
    What filters are you using?

    It might be odd to suggest, but give the treble emphasis filters (green) a try. I have been rolling the filters today and because I already felt the brightness of the reference filters (black) was a little much, I was dreading the treble filters... Surprise, surprise, I prefer them! I am not sure what the filters do, but the open treble filters seem to result in a more even treble.
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  3. cjfreitag
    Just got mine yesterday. I love the feel of the cable and the plug is a beast! Very solid construction.
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  4. Vitandus
    That looks really nice. I might have to pull the trigger.
  5. 91Dokuganryu
    Mine comes Friday
  6. Toom
    When is the FH7 being released in UK?
  7. BobJS
    I wanted FH5 sound in a FA7 package. This sounds close enough. Mine's here Monday. TYVM fellow "enthusiasts".

    Anyone interested in a very lightly used FA7 ?
  8. TwiceTzuyu
    I just received my FH7's and I am very impressed! They fit so perfectly in my ears, almost as well as the SE846s and definitely much better than the Andromedas. I settled with Final E tips as it sounds best to me. The amount of air the DD driver moves surprised me and I could feel the bass. The FH7s don't give the 'deep rumble' of the SE846's but more smooth, airy sounding bass. The mids and trebles are nice and airy and silky. The FH7's retain great sub bass without masking over mids and trebles. Soundstage may not be as large as the Andromedas but is comparable. I will add more to this once I have let the FH7's burned in for 200hours as stated by Fiio's FAQs. So far I think I prefer the FH7's over the Andromedas.

    One word of caution, the stock cables on mine were VERY HARD to remove. It was not even funny how stuck on the connection was, I rotated the connector over and over again, tried to get my nails under it trying my best to pull the cable straight out without bending it. Got some scotch tape and rubber band to get a better grip and maybe after about 15minutes and some very sore fingers I got it off with some metal powder around. The cables are now slightly easier to remove but definitely still needs quite some force.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2019
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  9. Caguioa
    How would u guys compared these to others like shure 846?
  10. Caguioa
    the one on amazon says FA7 is it same
  11. Toom
  12. TwiceTzuyu
    FH7 > SE846's. The FH7's maintain clarity and airiness across bass, mids, and trebles. The SE846's always sounds like theres something covering up the trebles.
  13. salla45
    Things have moved on a lot since the SE846's came out. I was shocked myself when my LZA4's at 200 usd pretty much trumped my K3003's "1000eur" crazy IEM's of 2011 or whenever they came out. FH5 trumped my LZA4's for microdetailing and air, for sure. I am not surprised the SE846's are blown away by these. We're living in fortunate times indeed for really great sounding mid-fi.
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  14. Bobisz
    Can I ask where did you order the L-shaped balanced 4.4 from? Wherever I see the 4.4B listed, it's always the standard straight connector. Really confusing.

    Just ordered my M11 unfortunately have to wait a couple weeks until the FH7s are available in Hungary.
    Cant wait to have my ears/hands on this package..
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2019
  15. maira
    Seems its the new FIIO LC4.4D High-Purity Pure Silver Litz MMCX Earphone Cable with L-shaped connector....
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