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FiiO FH5 • Quad Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors || Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers

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  1. mredmond
    Any recommendation for an unbalanced cable with a mic and an inline remote for these, preferably with 3 buttons for Android if possible (1 button okay)? I'm between the FH5 and the Sony XBA-N3AP, but as I'm using it in my office I need to have a cable with a mic (which the Sony comes with, though it costs more and the stock cable seems to have a lot of microphonics).
  2. Marco Angel
    Try the the fiio RC-MMCX3S(3.5 Mic), i had it with my F9s and its just OK in the build but do the job
  3. mredmond
    Thanks for the rec! Great that it's from the manufacturer. How long have you had it? Think it can stand up to travel/commute use and not decrease the sound quality?
  4. Marco Angel
    At least 10 months before buy the fh5. My es100 have mic incorporated
  5. leo5111
    bought a pair of Fiio Fh5 iem not bad at all pretty nice bass slam, and i wasnt even using the ones that says for bass i was using neutral but i had bass up a little with power amp but sounds pretty good, anyone can chime in on improvement with balanced mode with balanced cable?
  6. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    Generally, the 2.5mm balanced output of a player will have bigger channel resolution and stereo sense. If there are local store in your city, you may have a try there first.

    Best regards
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  7. DavidS11
    Thanks. For balanced output including 4.4 as well, not just 2.5mm?
  8. Darren Cotter
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2019
  9. mredmond
    Are the bass ear tips that come with the FH5 made by FiiO, or are they sourced from somewhere else? I'm trying to find some replacements in the large size.
  10. leo5111
    im asking if anyone knows of some tips that help the short port problem? i mean they sound good if i get em sealed just so but because the port is short in the ear they are fun to try and seat good
  11. expatriot
    There is a Spinfit that fits the FH5 and helps do to it has a longer inner tube
  12. leo5111
    where do you get those?
  13. expatriot
    I got my Spinfit from Penon Audio. I forget the model Spinfit, but it had a green inner tube.
  14. expatriot
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